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Name: Associate Professor Dr. / Hossam Mohamed Abdallah
Department: Pharmacognosy  
C.V.: C.V. File
Latest List of Publications 1. Ahmed R. Yonbawi, Hossam M. Abdallah, Faris A. Alkhilaiwi, Abdulrahman E. Koshak and Charles M. Heard. Anti‐Proliferative, Cytotoxic and Antioxidant Properties of the Methanolic Extracts of Five Saudi Arabian Flora with Folkloric Medicinal Use: Aizoon canariense, Citrullus colocynthis, Maerua crassifolia, Rhazya stricta and Tribulus macropterus. Plants 2021, 10, 2073.
2. Sabrin R.M.Ibrahim, Ahmed E.Altyar, Ikhlas A.Sindi, Dina S.El-Agamy, Hossam M.Abdallah, Shaimaa G.A.Mohamed, Gamal A.Mohamed. Kirenol: A promising bioactive metabolite from siegesbeckia species: A detailed review. J. Ethnopharmacology 2021:281, 114552
3. Hossam M. Abdallah, Noha Z. Timraz, Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim, Ali M. El-Halawany, Azizah M. Malebari, Ibrahim A. Shehata and Hany M. El-Bassossy. Nitric-Oxide-Mediated Vasodilation of Bioactive Compounds Isolated from Hypericum revolutum in Rat Aorta. Biology 2021:10, 541
4. Hossam M. Abdallah, Hany M. El-Bassossy, Ali M. El-Halawany, Tarek A. Ahmed, Gamal A. Mohamed, Azizah M. Malebari and Noura A. Hassan. Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System Loaded with Psiadia punctulata Major Metabolites for Hypertensive Emergencies: Effect on Hemodynamics and Cardiac Conductance. Front. Pharmacol., 10 June 2021
5. Abdulrahman E. Koshak, Mardi Mohamed Algandaby, Mohammad Ibrahim Mujallid, Ashraf B. Abdel-Naim, Nabil A. Alhakamy, Usama A. Fahmy, Anas Alfarsi, Shaimaa M. Badr-Eldin, Thikrayt Neamatallah, Mohammed Z. Nasrullah, Hossam Mohamed Abdallah, Ahmed Esmat. Wound healing activity of Opuntia ficus-indica fixed oil formulated in a self-nanoemulsifying formulation. International Journal of Nanomedicine; 2021:16 3889–3905.
6. Noha Z Timraz, Hany M El-Bassossy, Sabrin RM Ibrahim, Ali M ElHalawany, Ibrahim A Shehata, Omar S Aljohani, Hossam M Abdallah. Vasodilating effect of Hypericum revolutum (Vahl) (Clusiaceae) methanol extract in rats. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2021; 20 (5): 1003-1007
7. Hossam M. Abdallah, Ali M. El-Halawany, Alaa Sirwi, Amr M. El-Araby, Gamal A. Mohamed, Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim, Abdulrahman E. Koshak, Hani Z. Asfour, Zuhier A. Awan and Mahmoud A. Elfaky. Repurposing of Some Natural Product Isolates as SARS-COV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors via In Vitro Cell Free and Cell-Based Antiviral Assessments and Molecular Modeling Approaches. Pharmaceuticals, 2021, 14, 213.
8. Misbahuddin Rafeeq, Hussam Aly Sayed Murad, Hossam Mohammed Abdallah & Ali M. El-Halawany. Protective effect of 6-paradol in acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis in rats. BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, 21 (28) 2021.
9. Hossam M. Abdallah, Dina S. El‑Agamy, Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim, Gamal A. Mohamed, Wael M. Elsaed, Amjad A. Elghamdi, Martin K. Safo and Azizah M. Malebari. Euphorbia cuneata Represses LPS-induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice via its Antioxidative and Anti-inflammatory Activities. Plants 2020, 9(11), 1620; 2020.
10. Hossam M. Abdallah Folk Medicine in Treatment of Osteoporosis. EC Pharmacology and Toxicology 8.11 (2020): 01-05
11. Mohamed A. Farag, Jianbo Xiao, Hossam M. Abdallah, Nutritional value of barley cereal and better opportunities for its processing as a value-added food a comprehensive review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 2020
12. Hossam M. Abdallah, Mohamed A. Farag, Mardi M Algandaby, Mohammed Z. Nasrullah, Ashraf B. Abdel-Naim, Basma G. Eid, Martin Safo, Abulrahman E. Koshak and Azizah Malebari. Osteoprotective Activity and Metabolite Fingerprint via UPLC/MS and GC/MS of Lepidium sativum in Ovariectomized Rats. Nutrients, 2020, 12(7), 2075.
13. Mahmoud A. Elfaky, Ali M. El-Halawany, Abdulrahman E Koshak, Khalid Z Alshali, Moustafa E. El-Araby, Maan T. Khayat and Hossam M. Abdallah. Bioassay Guided Isolation and Docking studies of a Potential β-Lactamase Inhibitor from Clutia myricoides. Molecules 2020, 25(11), 2566.
14. Abdulrahman E. Koshak, Hossam M. Abdallah, Ahmed Esmat, Mostafa E. Rateb. Anti-inflammatory Activity and Chemical Characterization of Opuntia ficus-indica Seed Oil Cultivated in Saudi Arabia. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2020.
15. Essam Abdel-Sattar, Hossam Mohamed Abdallah, Sahar El-Mekkawy, Chikara Ichino, Hiroaki Kiyohara, Haruki Yamada. Antimalarial alkaloid from Hypoestes forskaolii. Experimental Parasitology 211, 107851, 2020.
16. Hossam M Abdallah, Noura A Hassan, Ali M El-Halawany, Gamal A Mohamed, Martin K Safo, Hany M El-Bassossy. Major flavonoids from Psiadia punctulata produce vasodilation via activation of endothelial dependent NO signaling. Journal of Advanced Research, 2020.
17. Ahmad Omar Noor, Diena Mohammed allam Almasri, Alaa Abdullah Bagalagel, Hossam Mohamed Abdallah, Shaimaa Gamal Abdallah Mohamed, Gamal Abdallah Mohamed and Sabrin Ragab Mohamed Ibrahim. Naturally Occurring Isocoumarins Derivatives from Endophytic Fungi: Sources, Isolation, Structural Characterization, Biosynthesis, and Biological Activities. Molecules, 2020.
18. HM Abdallah, RS El Dine, GA Mohamed, SRM Ibrahim, IA Shehata, AM El-Halawany. Natural Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ (PPARγ) Activators for Diabetes, Alternative therapies in health and medicine, 25: , 2020
19. Khadijah A. Jabal, Hossam M. Abdallah, Gamal A. Mohamed, Ibrahim A Shehata, Mohammad Y. Alfaifi, Serag Eldin I. Elbehairi , Abdulrahman A Koshak, Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim. Perisomalien A, a new cytotoxic scalarane sesterterpene from the fruits of Periploca somaliensis. Natural Products Research, 34, 15:2167-2172, 2020
20. Amjad A. Elghamdi, Hossam M. Abdallah, Ibrahim A. Shehata, Gamal A. Mohamed, Ali A. Shati, Mohammad Y. Alfaifi, Serag Eldin I. Elbehairi, Abdulrahman E. Koshaka, Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim. Cyclocuneatol and Cuneatannin, New Cycloartane Triterpenoid and Ellagitannin Glycoside from Euphorbia cuneate. Chemistry select- 4: 12375– 12379, 2019.
21. Hossam M. Abdallah, Gamal A. Mohamed, Sabrin Ibrahim, Hani z. Asfour, Maan T. Khayat. Undulaterpene A: a new triterpene fatty acid ester from Pulicaria undulata Pharmacognosy Magazine, 15:671-4, 2019.
22. Hossam M. Abdallah, Esraa M. Zakaria, Ali M. El-Halawany, Gamal A. Mohamed, Martin K. Safo, Hany M. El-Bassossy. Psiadia punctulata major flavonoids alleviate exaggerated vasoconstriction produced by advanced glycation end products. PLOS ONE, 14(9): e0222101, 2019.
23. Mohamed F.S. Banjar, Gamal A. Mohamed, Ibrahim A. Shehata, Hossam M. Abdallah, Ali A. Shati, Mohammad Y. Alfaifi, Serag Eldin I. Elbehairi, Abdulrahman E. Koshaka, Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim, Cycloschimperols A and B, new cytotoxic cycloartane triterpenoids from Euphorbia schimperi Phytochemistry letters, 32: 90-95, 2019.
24. Hossam M. Abdallah, Ali M. El-Halawany, Hany M. El-Bassossy, Furanoeremophilanes from Euryops arabicus alleviate metabolic syndrome associated exaggerated vasoconstriction via direct vasodilatation. Phytochemistry letters, 32:15-22, 2019.
25. Riham Salah El-Dine, Hossam M. Abdallah, Zeinab A. Kandil, Ahmed A. Zaki, Shabana I. Khan, Ikhlas A. Khan. PPARα and γ Activation Effects of New Nor-triterpenoidal Saponins from the Aerial Parts of Anabasis articulate. Planta Medica, 85: 274-281, 2019
26. Taghreed A. Zamzami, Hossam M. Abdallah, Gamal A. Mohamed, Ibrahim A Shehata, Mohammad Y. Alfaifi, Serag Eldin I. Elbehairi , Abdulrahman A Koshak, Sabrin R. M. Ibrahim. Macrochaetosides A and B, new rare sesquiterpene glycosides from Echinops macrochaetus and their cytotoxic activity. Phytochemistry letters, 30: 88-92. 2019
27. Maan T. Khayat, Sabrin R.M. Ibrahim, Gamal A. Mohamed, Hossam M. Abdallah. Anti-inflammatory metabolites from endophytic fungus Fusarium sp Phytochemistry Letters, 29: 104-109, 2019.
28. Ahmad S. Azhar, Hany M. El‐Bassossy, Hossam M. Abdallah. Mentha longifolia alleviates experimentally induced angina via decreasing cardiac load. Journal of Food Biochemistry, 2019 DOI: 10.1111/jfbc.12702.
29. Sabrin R.M. Ibrahim, Hossam M. Abdallah, Ali M. El-Halawany, Alaa M. Nafady, Gamal A. Mohamed. Mangostanaxanthone VIII, a new xanthone from Garcinia mangostana and its cytotoxic activity. Natural Products Research, 33:2, 258-265, 2019.

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