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Call for Abstracts

Researchers, graduates and undergraduate students are invited to submit their proposed contributions for consideration.

Abstract Guidelines

  1. Abstract can be submitted online only.
  2. Abstracts should be informative outlining study objectives, statement of methods, summary of results and statement of conclusions.
  3. Author(s) Name(s): Include full first name, middle initial, last name (in that order).
  4. Abstract must contain original material neither published nor presented elsewhere prior to April 2018.
  5. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words. Please proof read and do a word count before submitting.( Click here to see how to count words }
  6. Abstract language: English.

Registration & abstract submission:

  1. Registration must be online at: ( Registration Link )
  2. Upon acceptance of submission, the corresponding author will be notified, should pay submission fees and attend the conference to present the poster.
  3. Please note that, all submited abstracts after April 1st, 2018, will only be presented in the conference poster session but not in the conference book.
  4. Payment methods: ( Follow Link )
  5. Payment proof should be delivered to the office of Vice Dean for Graduate and Research Affairs, Faculty of Pharmacy, Kasr Al-Aini St., Cairo 11562, Egypt or uploaded through the link that will be sent later by email after registration or acceptance.
  6. For inquiries: ( )

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