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Latest List of Publications

Effect of acute administration of fluphenazine and nortriptyline on brain dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin contents in female rats.
Influence of fluphenazine and nortiptyline on some Biogenic Amines in the Brain of Ovariectomized Hormone-Treated Rats.
Protective activity and toxicity of mixtures of imidazole and serotonin in irradiated rats
Blood lipids and lipoproteins-cholesterol: Risk factors in cardiovascular diseases. Effect of amphetamine addition and amitriptyline thioridazine substitution therapy.
Effect of Praziquantel-Oxamniquine combination on S. mansoni and brain catecholamine content in mice.
Prophylactic properties of gamma-irradiated verapamil and propranolol against experimentally induced myocardial infarction in rats.
Acute and subacute effects of sulpiride and trifluoperazine alone and in combination on catecholamines in rats.
Evaluation of radiostability of cimetidine as screened by influencing the gastric acidity in perfused rat stomach.
Anticonvulsant action of gamma-irradiated diazepam with correlation to certain brain amino acids and electrocorticogram activity in experimental animals.
Effect of praziquantel on blood and liver granuloma histamine and brain serotonin contents in experimental schistosomiasis.
Possible role of certain neurotransmitters of the monoamine type on butorphanol-induced physical dependence in mice.
Effect of praziquantel on the host-tissue contents of calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc in schistosoma mansoni infected mice.
Pharmacological Studies of Cardamom Oil in Animals.
Interaction between triamcinolone and phenothiazines in granuloma pouch in rat.
Induction of oxidative stress in mouse colon by dibromoacetonitrile.
Protective role of certain antioxidants against stress-induced changes in some rat brain monoamines.
Protective role of zinc against ovariectomy-induced changes in the liver of rats.
Effect of cardamom oil on gastric secretions, gastric mucosa and induced contractions in rat stomach fundus.
Protective role of zinc in streptozotocin-induced diabetes.
Evaluation of rat brain monoamines after acute and fractionated exposure to ionizing radiation and protective effect of thiola.
Diverse effects of variant doses of dexamethasone in lithium-pilocarpine induced seizures in rats.
Effect of Olfactory Stimulation with Grapefruit Oil and Sibutramine in Obese Rats.
L-deprenyl protects against dibromoacetonitrile-induced neurotoxicity.
Potential protective effect of taurine against dibromoacetonitrile-induced neurotoxicity in rats.
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