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Latest List of Publications

Repurposed anti-cancer epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors: mechanisms of neuroprotective effects in Alzheimer’s disease. HM Mansour, HM Fawzy, AS El-Khatib, MM Khattab
Neural regeneration research 17 (9), 1913, 2022

Telmisartan: An angiotensin receptor blocker regulates osteoclastogenesis via inhibition of the ERK triggering in osteoporotic male rats. MA Mahmoud, MM Safar, AM Agha, MM Khattab, DO Saleh
Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology 2022
Experimental Evidence for Diiodohydroxyquinoline-Induced Neurotoxicity: Characterization of Age and Gender as Predisposing Factors. AS Kamel, AF Mohamed, MA Rabie, ME Elsherbiny, KA Ahmed, ...
Pharmaceuticals 15 (2), 251, 2022

Roflumilast ameliorates cognitive deficits in a mouse model of amyloidogenesis and tauopathy: Involvement of nitric oxide status, Aβ extrusion transporter ABCB1, and reversal …
NH Ashour, DM El-Tanbouly, NS El Sayed, MM Khattab
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 111, 110366, 2021

In Vivo Investigation of the Ameliorating Effect of Tempol against MIA-Induced Knee Osteoarthritis in Rats: Involvement of TGF-β1/SMAD3/NOX4 Cue. HB Abo-Zalam, RM Abdelsalam, RF Abdel-Rahman, MF Abd-Ellah, ...
Molecules 26 (22), 6993, 2021
Inhibition of mitochondrial pyruvate carrier 1 by lapatinib ditosylate mitigates Alzheimer's-like disease in D-galactose/ovariectomized rats. HM Mansour, HM Fawzy, AS El-Khatib, MM Khattab
Neurochemistry International 150, 105178, 2021

Protective effect of cannabinoids on gastric mucosal lesions induced by water immersion restrain stress in rats
R Elgohary, RM Abdelsalam, OME Abdel-Salam, MM Khattab, NA Salem, ... Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 24 (9), 1182, 2021

Potential Repositioning of Anti-cancer EGFR Inhibitors in Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Perspectives and Challenging Prospects. HM Mansour, HM Fawzy, AS El-Khatib, MM Khattab
Neuroscience 469, 191-196, 2021

Therapeutic advancement of simvastatin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (SV-SLNs) in treatment of hyperlipidemia and attenuating hepatotoxicity, myopathy and apoptosis … HB Abo-Zalam, ES El-Denshary, RM Abdelsalam, IA Khalil, MM Khattab, ...
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 139, 111494, 2021

Lapatinib ditosylate rescues memory impairment in D-galactose/ovariectomized rats: Potential repositioning of an anti-cancer drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
HM Mansour, HM Fawzy, AS El-Khatib, MM Khattab
Experimental neurology 341, 113697, 2021

The Antioxidant tempol delays the MIA-induced osteoarthritis progression in rats via modulation of signaling pathways involving TGF-β1/SMAD3/NOX4 axis
HB Abo-zalam, RF Abdel-Rahman, MF Abd-Ellah, RM Abdalsalam, ...
The Antioxidant tempol delays the MIA-induced osteoarthritis progression in rats via modulation of signaling pathways involving TGF-β1/SMAD3/NOX4 axis
A HB, RF Abdel-Rahman, MF Abd-Ellah, RM Abdalsalam, MM Khattab
Molecules 26 (22), 6993, 2021

Targeting the oxytocin system to ameliorate early life depressive-like behaviors in maternally-separated rats
LA Abdelwahab, OO Galal, SS Abd El-Rahman, AI El-Brairy, MM Khattab, ...
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, b21-00247, 2021

Chloroquine ameliorates bone loss induced by d-galactose in male rats via inhibition of ERK associated osteoclastogenesis and antioxidant effect
MAA Mahmoud, DO Saleh, MM Safar, AM Agha, MM Khattab
Toxicology Reports 8, 366-375 3 2021
Perindopril ameliorates experimental Alzheimer’s disease progression: role of amyloid β degradation, central estrogen receptor and hyperlipidemic-lipid raft signaling
BAS Messiha, MRA Ali, MM Khattab, AM Abo-Youssef
Inflammopharmacology 28 (5), 1343-1364 12 2020
17β-Estradiol augments the neuroprotective effect of agomelatine in depressive-and anxiety-like behaviors in ovariectomized rats
YA El-Khatib, RH Sayed, NA Sallam, HF Zaki, MM Khattab
Psychopharmacology 237 (9), 2873-2886 6 2020
The anti-Alzheimer effect of telmisartan in a hyperglycemic ovariectomized rat model; role of central angiotensin and estrogen receptors
AM Abo-Youssef, WA Khallaf, MM Khattab, BAS Messiha
Food and Chemical Toxicology 142, 111441 7 2020
Cognitive enhancing effect of diapocynin in D-galactose-ovariectomy-induced Alzheimer's-like disease in rats: Role of ERK, GSK-3β, and JNK signaling
WW Ibrahim, HM Ismail, MM Khattab, NF Abdelkader
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 398, 115028 15 2020
Assessment of pregabalin-induced cardiotoxicity in rats: Mechanistic role of angiotensin 1–7
ZM Awwad, SO El-Ganainy, AI ElMallah, SM Khedr, MM Khattab, ...
Cardiovascular toxicology 20 (3), 301-311 11 2020
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