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Name: Professor Dr. / Emad Basalious Bashir Basalious
Department: Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy  
C.V.: C.V. File
Latest List of Publications Scientific Publications
International Scientific Publications (Scopus; 40)
1. Ramadan, A., Basalious, E., Abdallah, M., (2021), Industrial application of QbD and NIR chemometric models in quality improvement of Immediate release tablets,
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal June 29(6): 516-526,
2. Shaeer, O., Raheem, A. A., Elfeky, H., Seif, A., Abdel-Raheem, T. M., Elsegeiny, A., Soliman, M. S., Basalious, E. B., & Shaeer, K. (2021), Urethral instillation of chlorhexidine gel is an effective method of sterilisation, Arab journal of urology, 19(3), 419–422,

3. Mohsen, K., Azzazy, H.M.E., Allam, N.K., Basalious, E.B., (2020), Intranasal lipid nanocapsules for systemic delivery of nimodipine into the brain: In vitro optimization and in vivo pharmacokinetic study, Material Science and Engineering: C 116, 111236,
4. Farrah, A.Y., Al-Mahallawi, A.M., Basalious, E.B., Nesseem, D.I., (2020), Investigating the Potential of Phosphatidylcholine-Based Nano-Sized Carriers in Boosting the Oto-Topical Delivery of Caroverine: in vitro Characterization, Stability Assessment and ex vivo Transport Studies, Int J Nanomedicine Nov 13;15:8921-8931,
5. Yousry, C., Zikry, P.M., Basalious, E.B., El-Gazayerly, O.N., (2020), Self-nanoemulsifying System Optimization for Higher Terconazole Solubilization and Non-Irritant Ocular Administration, Adv Pharm Bull, 10(3), 389-398,
6. Abdel-Salam, F.S., Elkheshen, S.A., Mahmoud, A.A., Basalious, E.B., et. al. (2020), In-situ forming chitosan implant-loaded with raloxifene hydrochloride and bioactive glass nanoparticles for treatment of bone injuries: Formulation and biological evaluation in animal model, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, vol. 580, 119213,
7. Khattab, A., Mohamed, M., Basalious, E.B., (2020), Design of self-nanoemulsifying system to enhance absorption and bioavailability of poorly permeable Aliskiren hemi-fumarate, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 57; 101646,
8. Ibrahim, M.M., Basalious, E.B., El-Nabarawi, M.A., (2020), Consolidated bile-based vesicles/self-nanoemulsifying system (CBBVs/SNES) asa solution for limitations of oral delivery of vesicular dispersions: In-vitro optimization and elucidation of ex-vivo intestinal transport mechanisms, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, Vol: 56(A), Page: 101489,
9. Yousry, C., Zikry, P.M., Salem, H.M., Basalious, E.B., et al. (2020), Integrated nanovesicular/self-nanoemulsifying system (INV/SNES) for enhanced dual ocular drug delivery: statistical optimization, in vitro and in vivo evaluation, Drug Deliv Transl Res. 10, 801,
10. ElShagea, H.N., ElKasabgy, N.A., Fahmy, R.H., Basalious, E.B., (2019), Freeze-Dried Self-Nanoemulsifying Self-Nanosuspension (SNESNS): a New Approach for the Preparation of a Highly Drug-Loaded Dosage Form, AAPS PharmSciTech 20(7):258,
11. Boseila, A.A., Abdel-Reheem, A.Y., Basalious, E.B., (2019), Design of bile-based vesicles (BBVs) for hepatocytes specific delivery of Daclatasvir: Comparison of ex-vivo transenterocytic transport, in-vitro protein adsorption resistance and HepG2 cellular uptake of charged and beta-sitosterol decorated vesicles, PloS one 14(7):e0219752,
12. Elkasabgy, N.A., Abdel-Salam, F.S., Mahmoud, A.A., Basalious, E.B., et al., (2019), Long lasting in-situ forming implant loaded with raloxifene HCl: An injectable delivery system for treatment of bone injuries, International journal of pharmaceutics 571:118703,
13. Sweed, N.M., Basalious, E.B., Nour, S.A., (2019), Combined site-specific release retardant mini-matrix tablets (C-SSRRMT) for extended oral delivery of dexketoprofen trometamol: in vitro evaluation and single versus multiple doses pharmacokinetic study in human volunteers, Drug development and industrial pharmacy 45(11):1777-87,
14. Rezk, M.R., Basalious, E.B., & Badr, K.A., (2018), Novel determination of sofosbuvir and velpatasvir in human plasma by UPLC–MS/MS method: Application to a bioequivalence study,
Biomedical Chromatography, 32(11),
15. Fouad, S.A., Shamma, R.N., Basalious, E.B., El-Nabarawi, M.M., & Tayel, S.A., (2018), Novel instantly-dispersible nanocarrier powder system (IDNPs) for intranasal delivery of dapoxetine hydrochloride: in-vitro optimization, ex-vivo permeation studies, and in-vivo evaluation, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 44(9), 1443–1450,
16. Abo Elela, M.M., ElKasabgy, N.A., Basalious, E.B., (2017), Bio-shielding In Situ Forming Gels (BSIFG) Loaded With Lipospheres for Depot Injection of Quetiapine Fumarate: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation, AAPS PharmSciTech 18(8):2999-3010,
17. Basalious, E.B., Abdallah, A.M., (2017), Phospholipid based self-nanoemulsifying self-nanosuspension (p-SNESNS) as a dual solubilization approach for development of formulation with diminished food effect: Fast/fed in vivo pharmacokinetics study in human,
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences: 109:244-52,
18. El-Setouh, D.A., Basalious, E.B., Abdelmalak, N.S., (2017), Effect of Different Meltable Binders on the Disintegration and Dissolution Behavior of Zolmitriptan Oromucosal Fast Melt Tablets, Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition sciences 7: 13-23,
19. Hanna, L.A., Basalious, E.B., ON, EL., (2017), Respirable controlled release polymeric colloid (RCRPC) of bosentan for the management of pulmonary hypertension: in vitro aerosolization, histological examination and in vivo pulmonary absorption, Drug delivery 24(1):188,
20. Rashed, H.M., Shamma, R.N., Basalious, E.B., (2016), Contribution of both olfactory and systemic pathways for brain targeting of nimodipine-loaded lipo-pluronics micelles: in vitro characterization and in vivo biodistribution study after intranasal and intravenous delivery, Drug delivery 24(1):181-7,
21. Rezk, M.R., Bendas, E.R., Basalious, E.B., et al. (2016), Quantification of sofosbuvir and ledipasvir in human plasma by UPLC-MS/MS method: Application to fasting and fed bioequivalence studies, J. of chromatography B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences 1028:63-70,
22. Rezk, M.R., Bendas, E.R., Basalious, E.B., et al. (2016), Development and validation of sensitive and rapid UPLC-MS/MS method for quantitative determination of daclatasvir in human plasma: Application to a bioequivalence study, J. of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 1028:61,
23. Rezk, M.R., Basalious, E.B., Amin, M.E., (2016), Novel and sensitive UPLC-MS/MS method for quantification of sofosbuvir in human plasma: application to a bioequivalence study, Biomedical chromatography BMC 30(9):1354-62,
24. Fouad, S.A., Shamma, R.N., Basalious, E.B., et al. (2016), Novel instantly-soluble transmucosal matrix (ISTM) using dual mechanism solubilizer for sublingual and nasal delivery of dapoxetine hydrochloride: In-vitro/in-vivo evaluation,
International journal of pharmaceutics 505(1-2):212-22,
25. Bendas, E.R., Basalious, E.B., (2016), Rapidly disintegrating vagina retentive cream suppositories of progesterone: development, patient satisfaction and in vitro/in vivo studies,
Pharmaceutical development and technology 21(3):288-95,
26. Basalious, E.B., Shamma, R.N., (2015), Novel self-assembled nano-tubular mixed micelles of Pluronics P123, Pluronic F127 and phosphatidylcholine for oral delivery of nimodipine: In vitro characterization, ex vivo transport and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies,
International journal of pharmaceutics 493(1-2):347-56,
27. El-Setouhy, D.A., Basalious, E.B., et al. (2015), Bioenhanced sublingual tablet of drug with limited permeability using novel surfactant binder and microencapsulated polysorbate: In vitro/in vivo evaluation, European J. of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 94, 386-392,
28. Rezk, M.R., Basalious, E.B., Karim, I.A., (2015), Development of a sensitive UPLC-ESI-MS/MS method for quantification of sofosbuvir and its metabolite, GS-331007, in human plasma: Application to a bioequivalence study, J. of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 114:97-104,
29. El-Laithy, H.M., Basalious, E.B., et al. (2015), Novel self-nanoemulsifying self-nanosuspension (SNESNS) for enhancing oral bioavailability of diacerein: Simultaneous portal blood absorption and lymphatic delivery, International journal of pharmaceutics 490(1-2):146,
30. Basalious, E.B., Abdullah, A., Ibrahim, M., (2014), Utility of Mannitol and Citric Acid for Enhancing the Solubilizing and Taste Masking Properties of β-Cyclodextrin: Development of Fast-Dissolving Tablets Containing Extremely Bitter Drug, J Pharm Innov., 9, 309-320,
31. Fouad, S.A., Basalious, E.B., et al. (2013), Microemulsion and poloxamer microemulsion-based gel for sustained transdermal delivery of diclofenac epolamine using in-skin drug depot: in vitro/in vivo evaluation, International j. of pharmaceutics, 453(2): 569,
32. Basalious, E.B., El-Sebaie, W., El-Gazayerly, O., (2013), Rapidly absorbed orodispersible tablet containing molecularly dispersed felodipine for management of hypertensive crisis: development, optimization and in vitro/in vivo studies,
Pharmaceutical development and technology, 18(2): 407-416,
33. Shamma, R.N., Basalious, E.B., Shoukri, R., (2012), Development of novel sustained release matrix pellets of betahistine dihydrochloride: effect of lipophilic surfactants and co-surfactants, Pharmaceutical development and technology, 17(5): 583-593,
34. Basalious, E.B., El-Sebaie, W., El-Gazayerly, O., (2011), Application of pharmaceutical QbD for enhancement of the solubility and dissolution of a class II BCS drug using polymeric surfactants and crystallization inhibitors: development of controlled-release tablets,
AAPS PharmSciTech, 12(3): 799-810,
35. Shamma, R.N., Basalious, E.B., Shoukri, R.A., (2011), Development and optimization of a multiple-unit controlled release formulation of a freely water soluble drug for once-daily administration, International journal of pharmaceutics, 405(1-2): 102-112,
36. Aboelwafa, A.A., Basalious, E.B., (2010), Optimization and in vivo pharmacokinetic study of a novel controlled release venlafaxine hydrochloride three-layer tablet,
AAPS PharmSciTech, 11(3): 1026-1037,
37. Basalious, E.B., Shawky, N., Badr-Eldin, S.M., (2010), SNEDDS containing bioenhancers for improvement of dissolution and oral absorption of lacidipine. I: development and optimization, International journal of pharmaceutics, 391(1-2): 203-211,

38. Yehia, S.A., El-Gazayerly, O.N., Basalious, E.B., (2009), Fluconazole mucoadhesive buccal films: in vitro/in vivo performance, Current drug delivery, 6(1):17-27,
39. Yehia, S.A., El-Gazayerly, O.N., Basalious, E.B., (2008), Design and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of novel mucoadhesive buccal discs of an antifungal drug: relationship between swelling, erosion, and drug release, AAPS PharmSciTech, 9(4):1207-1217,
40. El-Samaligy, M.S., Yahia, S.A., Basalious, E.B., (2004), Formulation and evaluation of diclofenac sodium buccoadhesive discs, International journal of pharmaceutics, 286(1-2): 27,

International Scientific Publications (Non-Scopus; 3)
1. Sweed, N.M., Basalious, E.B., Nour, S.A., (2017), Sustained Release Multiple Unit Dosage Form for the Oral Day Delivery of Dexketoprofen Trometamol,
Open access J Pharm Res 1(3): 000114.
2. Khowessah, O., Amin, M., Basalious, E.B., (2009), Development of ocular delivery systems containing aceclofenac nanoparticles. Part I: Optimization of nanoparticles formulations using full factorial design, J. Biomed. Sci., 31: 25-47.
3. El-Samaligy, M.S., Yahia, S.A., Basalious, E.B., (2001), Improved design for in-vitro measurement of adhesion parameters of bioadhesive pharmaceutical systems, Bull. Fac. Pharm.Cairo Univ., 39: 103-112.

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