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Professor Dr. / Ibrahim Elsayed Mohamed Hassan
Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

Latest List of Publications

1- Algehani RA, Abou Khouzam R, Hegazy GA, Alamoudi AA, El-Halawany AM, El Dine RS, Ajabnoor GA, Al-Abbasi FA, Baghdadi MA, Elsayed I, Hattori M. Colossolactone-G synergizes the anticancer properties of 5-fluorouracil and gemcitabine against colorectal cancer cells. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 2021 Aug 1;140:111730.
Impact factor: 6.529

2- Said M, Aboelwafa AA, Elshafeey AH, Elsayed I. Central composite optimization of ocular mucoadhesive cubosomes for enhanced bioavailability and controlled delivery of voriconazole. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 2021 Feb 1;61:102075.
Impact factor: 3.981

3- Naguib MJ, Elsayed I, Teaima MH. Simultaneous Optimization of Oral and Transdermal Nanovesicles for Bioavailability Enhancement of Ivabradine Hydrochloride. International Journal of Nanomedicine. 2021;16:2917.
Impact factor: 6.400

4- Haider M, Elsayed I, Ahmed IS, Fares AR. In Situ-Forming Microparticles for Controlled Release of Rivastigmine: In Vitro Optimization and In Vivo Evaluation. Pharmaceuticals. 2021 Jan;14(1):66.
Impact factor: 5.863

5- Elsenosy FM, Abdelbary GA, Elshafeey AH, Elsayed I, Fares AR. Brain Targeting of Duloxetine HCL via Intranasal Delivery of Loaded Cubosomal Gel: In vitro Characterization, ex vivo Permeation, and in vivo Biodistribution Studies. International Journal of Nanomedicine. 2020 Nov 30;15:9517-37.
Impact factor: 6.400

6- Hussain Z, Thu HE, Elsayed I, Abourehab MA, Khan S, Sohail M, Sarfraz RM, Farooq MA. Nano-scaled materials may induce severe neurotoxicity upon chronic exposure to brain tissues: A critical appraisal and recent updates on predisposing factors, underlying mechanism, and future prospects. Journal of Controlled Release. 2020 Nov 1.
Impact factor: 9.776

7- Said M, Aboelwafa AA, Elshafeey AH, Elsayed I. Central Composite Optimization of Ocular Mucoadhesive Cubosomes for Enhanced Bioavailability and Controlled Delivery of Voriconazole. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 2020 Sep 24:102075.
Impact factor: 3.981

8- Joseph Naguib M, Moustafa Kamel A, Thabet Negmeldin A, Elshafeey AH, Elsayed I. Molecular docking and statistical optimization of taurocholate-stabilized galactose anchored bilosomes for the enhancement of sofosbuvir absorption and hepatic relative targeting efficiency. Drug Delivery. 2020 Jan 1;27(1):996-1009.
Impact factor: 6.419

9- Elshafeey AH, Zayed R, Shukr M, Elsayed I. Sucrose acetate isobutyrate based nanovesicles: A promising platform for drug delivery and bioavailability enhancement. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 2020:101806.
Impact factor: 3.981

10- Elsayed I, El-Dahmy RM, El-Emam SZ, Elshafeey AH, Abd El Gawad NA, El-Gazayerly ON. Response surface optimization of biocompatible elastic nanovesicles loaded with rosuvastatin calcium: enhanced bioavailability and anticancer efficacy. Drug delivery and translational research. 2020.
Impact factor: 4.617

11- Elsayed I, El-Dahmy RM, Elshafeey AH, El Gawad A, Abdelaziz N, Gazayerly E, et al. Tripling the Bioavailability of Rosuvastatin Calcium Through Development and Optimization of an In-Situ Forming Nanovesicular System. Pharmaceutics. 2019;11(6):275.
Impact factor: 6.321

12- El-Ridy MS, Yehia SA, Elsayed I, Younis MM, F. Abdel-Rahman R, El-Gamil MA. Metformin hydrochloride and wound healing: from nanoformulation to pharmacological evaluation. Journal of Liposome Research. Taylor & Francis; 2019;1–14.
Impact factor: 3.648

13- Sayed S, Elsayed I, Ismail MM. Optimization of β-cyclodextrin consolidated micellar dispersion for promoting the transcorneal permeation of a practically insoluble drug, International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2018 Aug 3;549(1-2):249-260.
Impact factor: 5.875

14- Said M, Elsayed I, Aboelwafa AA, Elshafeey AH. A novel concept of overcoming the skin barrier using augmented liquid nanocrystals: Box-Behnken optimization, ex vivo and in vivo evaluation. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces. 2018 Oct 1;170:258-65.
Impact factor: 5.268

15- Afify E, Elsayed I, Gad MK, Mohamed MI, Afify A. Enhancement of pharmacokinetic and pharmacological behavior of ocular dorzolamide after factorial optimization of self-assembled nanostructures. PloS one. 2018;13(2):e0191415.
Impact factor: 3.240

16- Elsayed I, Sayed S. Tailored nanostructured platforms for boosting transcorneal permeation: Box–Behnken statistical optimization, comprehensive in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo characterization. International Journal of Nanomedicine. 2017; 12: 7947—7962
Impact factor: 6.400

17- Said M, Elsayed I, Aboelwafa AA, Elshafeey AH. Transdermal agomelatine microemulsion gel: pyramidal screening, statistical optimization and in vivo bioavailability. Drug delivery. 2017; 24(1): 1159-1169.
Impact factor: 6.419

18- Abdelrahman FE, Elsayed I, Gad MK, Elshafeey AH, Mohamed MI. Response surface optimization, Ex vivo and In vivo investigation of nasal spanlastics for bioavailability enhancement and brain targeting of risperidone. International journal of pharmaceutics. 2017; 530(1-2):1-11.
Impact factor: 5.875

19- Elsayed I, AbouGhaly MH. Inhalable nanocomposite microparticles: preparation, characterization and factors affecting formulation. Expert opinion on drug delivery. 2016; 13(2):207-22.
Impact factor: 6.648

20- Mohamed D, Elsayed I, Mohamed AF, Yehia SA. Real time stability and viability prediction of the anticancer BCG after lyophilization. Drug development and industrial pharmacy. 2015; 41(11):1769-76.
Impact factor: 3.225

21- Abdelrahman FE, Elsayed I, Gad MK, Badr A, Mohamed MI. Investigating the cubosomal ability for transnasal brain targeting: In vitro optimization, ex vivo permeation and in vivo biodistribution. International journal of pharmaceutics. 2015; 490(1-2):281-91.
Impact factor: 5.875

22- Abdelbary AA, Elsayed I, Elshafeey AH. Design and development of novel lipid based gastroretentive delivery system: response surface analysis, in-vivo imaging and pharmacokinetic study. Drug delivery. 2015; 22(1):37-49.
Impact factor: 6.419

23- Dahmy RM, Elsayed I, Elshafeey AH, Gawad NA, El-Gazayerly ON. Optimization of long circulating mixed polymeric micelles containing vinpocetine using simple lattice mixture design, in vitro and in vivo characterization. International journal of pharmaceutics. 2014; 477(1-2):39-46.
Impact factor: 5.875

24- ElKasabgy NA, Elsayed I, Elshafeey AH. Design of lipotomes as a novel dual functioning nanocarrier for bioavailability enhancement of lacidipine: in-vitro and in-vivo characterization. International journal of pharmaceutics. 2014; 472(1-2):369-79.
Impact factor: 5.875

25- Elsayed I, Abdelbary AA, Elshafeey AH. Nanosizing of a poorly soluble drug: technique optimization, factorial analysis, and pharmacokinetic study in healthy human volunteers. International journal of nanomedicine. 2014; 9:2943-53.
Impact factor: 6.400

26- Shamma RN, Elsayed I. Transfersomal lyophilized gel of buspirone HCl: formulation, evaluation and statistical optimization. Journal of liposome research. 2013; 23(3):244-54.
Impact factor: 3.648

27- Yehia SA, Elshafeey AH, Elsayed I. Biodegradable donepezil lipospheres for depot injection: optimization and in-vivo evaluation. Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology. 2012;64(10):1425-37.
Impact factor: 3.765

28- Yehia SA, Elshafeey AH, Elsayed I. A novel injectable in situ forming poly-DL-lactide and DL-lactide/glycolide implant containing lipospheres for controlled drug delivery. Journal of liposome research. 2012;22(2):128-38.
Impact factor: 3.648

29- Yehia SA, Elshafeey AH, Elsayed I. Pulsatile systems for colon targeting of budesonide: in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Drug delivery. 2011;18(8):620-30.
Impact factor: 6.419

30- Yehia SA, Elshafeey AH, Sayed I, Shehata AH. Optimization of budesonide compression-coated tablets for colonic delivery. AAPS PharmSciTech. 2009;10(1):147-57.
Impact factor: 3.246
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