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Professor Dr. / Basant Ahmed Habib Gad
Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

Latest List of Publications

D-optimal mixture design for optimization of topical dapsone niosomes: in vitro characterization and in vivo activity against Cutibacterium acnes
BA Habib, NF Abdeltawab, I Salah Ad-Din
Drug Delivery 29 (1), 821-836
Augmented local skin accumulation efficiency of sertaconazole nitrate via glycerosomal hydrogel: Formulation, statistical optimization, ex vivo performance and in vivo penetration
NF Younes, BA Habib
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 72, 103364
Statistical Sequential Experimentation: Preliminary Mixed Factorial Design, I-Optimal Mixture Design Then Finally Novel Design Space Expansion for Optimization of Tazarotene …
D Hegazy, R Tag, BA Habib
International Journal of Nanomedicine 17, 1069
Formulation, characterization, optimization, and in-vivo performance of febuxostat self-nano-emulsifying system loaded sublingual films
BA Habib, AS Abd El-Samiae, BM El-Houssieny, R Tag
Drug Delivery 28 (1), 1321-1333
Enhancement of transdermal delivery of haloperidol via spanlastic dispersions: entrapment efficiency vs. particle size
AM Fahmy, DA El-Setouhy, BA Habib, SA Tayel
AAPS pharmscitech 20 (3), 1-13
Tri-block co-polymer nanocarriers for enhancement of oral delivery of felodipine: preparation, in vitro characterization and ex vivo permeation
S Sayed, BA Habib, GM Elsayed
Journal of Liposome Research 28 (3), 182-192
Resolution V fractional factorial design for screening of factors affecting weakly basic drugs liposomal systems
SN El-Helaly, BA Habib, MK Abd El-Rahman
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 119, 249-258
Enhanced transdermal delivery of ondansetron using nanovesicular systems: fabrication, characterization, optimization and ex-vivo permeation study-Box-Cox transformation …
BA Habib, S Sayed, GM Elsayed
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences 115, 352-361
Penetration enhancer-containing spanlastics (PECSs) for transdermal delivery of haloperidol: in vitro characterization, ex vivo permeation and in vivo biodistribution studies
AM Fahmy, DA El-Setouhy, AB Ibrahim, BA Habib, SA Tayel, NA Bayoumi
Drug delivery 25 (1), 12-22
Sustained ocular delivery of Dorzolamide-HCl via proniosomal gel formulation: in-vitro characterization, statistical optimization, and in-vivo pharmacodynamic …
NH Fouda, RT Abdelrehim, DA Hegazy, BA Habib
Drug delivery 25 (1), 1340-1349
Combined mixture-process variable approach: a suitable statistical tool for nanovesicular systems optimization
BA Habib, MHH AbouGhaly
Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 13 (6), 777-788
Feasibility of optimizing trimetazidine dihydrochloride release from controlled porosity osmotic pump tablets of directly compressed cores
BA Habib, RT Abd El Rehim, SA Nour
Journal of Advanced Research 5 (3), 347-356
Factorial design approach for optimization of a gel formulation for in vitro iontophoretic transdermal delivery of granisetron
BA Habib, R Tag, SA Nour
Bull Fac Pharm 46, 305-313
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