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Name: Emeritus Professor / Essam Abdel-Sattar
Department: Pharmacognosy  
Email: essam.abdelsattar@pharma.cu.edu.eg  
Ext.: 3325
Room: H/011
C.V.: C.V. File
Scholar: https://scholar.google.com.eg/citations?user=qlqel5YAAAAJ&hl=en
Website: http://scholar.cu.edu.eg/?q=abdelsattar/
Latest List of Publications Publication 2022 (6)
1. Walaa S. Nasser, Micheal William Mikhail, Marwa Yousry Issa, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2020). Epidemiological survey of zoonotic pathogens among domestic rodents in Egypt and the antimicrobial effect of essential oil against them. Accepted to Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.
2. Reham Hassan Mekky, Essam Abdel-Sattar, Antonio Segura-Carretero, and María del Mar Contreras (2022). A comparative study on the metabolites profiling of linseed cakes from Egyptian cultivars and antioxidant activity applying mass spectrometry-based analysis and chemometrics. Food Chemistry 133524. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2022.133524.
3. Essam A. Abdel-Sattar, Othman S. S. Al-Hawshabi, Akram A. Shalabi, Ali M. El Halawany, Meselhy R Meselhy (2022). Arabincosides A-D, pregnane glycosides isolated from Caralluma arabica. Tetrahedron 119: 132858.
4. Eman Yasser Abbas, Marwa I. Ezzat, Hala Mohamed El Hefnawy, and Essam Abdel-Sattar (2022). An overview and update on the chemical composition and potential health benefits of Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Miller" J of Food Biochemistry. 2022;00:e14310. DOI: 10.1111/jfbc.14310
5. Essam Abdel-Sattar; Dali Ali. 2022. Russelioside B: A Pregnane Glycoside with Potential Pharmacological Activity. Brazilian J Pharmacognosy 32, 188-200 DOI: 10.1007/s43450-022-00245-x
6. Meselhy, M. R., Ezzat, S. M., Ali, D. E. S., El-Adl, M., El-Shafei, R. A., El-Aziz, M. M. A., & Abdel-Sattar, E. (2022). Chemical and biological assessment of high value pharmaceutical raw material from Egyptian orange peel. Ind J of Exp Biology 60: 404-4012.
7. Khaled Nematallah, Sahar Elmekkawy, Maha Abdollah, Mohey Elmazar, Essam Abdel-Sattar, Meselhy R Meselhy. 2022. Cheminformatics application in Phytochemical and Biological Study of Eucalyptus globulus L. Barks as a Potential Hepatoprotective Drug. ACS Omega 7: 7945-7956 https://doi.org/10.1021/acsomega.1c07011.

TOTAL IF 269.302 (12-12-2020)
Publication 2021 (20) IF= 47.794
8. Issa, Marwa Y., Walaa S. Nasser, Micheal William Mikhail, and Essam Abdel-Sattar. "Comparative Rodenticide Activity of Three Agro Waste Materials in Combat of Rattus norvegicus Under Laboratory Conditions." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section B: Biological Sciences (2021): 1-9. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40011-021-01271-w. Scopus
9. Sahar El-mekkawy, Amal Z. Hassan, Mohamed A. Abdelhafez, Khalid Mahmoud, Karima F. Mahrous, Meselhy R. Meselhy, Jandirk Sendker, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2021). Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity and Gene Expression Changes Induced by methanolic extract of Moringa stenopetala Leaf with LC-qTOF-MS Metabolic Profile. Toxicon 203, 40-50. IF= 3.03
10. Essam Abdel-Sattar, Manal M Shams, Marwa M Abd-Rabo, Nehad Mahmoud, Engy Mahrous A Chemical and biological investigations of Limonium axillare reveal mechanistic evidence for its antidiabetic activity. Plos One 16 (8), e0255904. IF= 2.74
11. Riham A. Adel, Dorria Hussein, Atta Attia, Samar Mounier, Mohamed Refat, Essam abdelsattar (2021). Anti-inflammatory activity of Jasminum grandiflorum L. subsp. floribundum ; A Mechanistic study in models of inflammatory bowel diseases and arthritis. Biomedicine and Pharmacoterapy 140: 111770. IF= 4.545
12. Mouchira A. Choucry, Akram A. Shalabia, Ali M. El Halawany, Fatma S. El-Sakhawy, Ali Zaiterc, Hiroyuki Morita, Patrick Chaimbault, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2021). New pregnane glycosides isolated from Caralluma hexagona Lavranos as inhibitors of α-glucosidase, pancreatic lipase and advanced glycation end products formation. ACS Omega 6(29) 18881-18889.
https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsomega.1c02056 IF= 3.512
13. Dorria Hus sein, Riham A. El-Shiekh, Fatema R. Saber, Marwa M. Attia, Mohamed R. Mousa, Attia H. Atta, Essam Abdel-Sattar*, Samar M.Mouneir (2021). Unravelling the anthelmintic bioactives from Jasminum grandiflorum L. subsp. Floribundum adopting in vitro biological assessment. J Ethnopharmacology 275, 114083. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jep.2021.114083 IF= 3.690
14. Riham A. El-Shiekh, Mariam Hassan*, Rasha A. Hashem, Essam
Abdel-Sattar (2021). Bioguided Isolation of Antibiofilm Pregnane Glycosides from Caralluma quadrangula. Antibiotics 10(7), 811. https://doi.org/10.3390/antibiotics10070811. IF= 2.649
15. Dalia M. Rasheed, Ayat M. Emad, Sherifa F. Ali, Sameh S. Ali, Mohamed A. Farag, Meselhy R. Meselhy, Essam A. Sattar (2021). UPLC-PDA-ESI/MS metabolic profiling of Dill shoots bioactive fraction; evidence of its antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects in vitro and in vivo. Food Biochemistry e13741. https://doi.org/10.1111/jfbc.13741 IF= 1.662
16. Riham A. El-shiekh, Dalia A. Al-Mahdy, Mohamed S. Hifnawy, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2021). Biological and Chemical Assessment of Ochrosia elliptica Labill Leaves. Arabian J Science & Engineering 46 (6), 5247-5255. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13369-020-04986-6 IF=1.711
17. Catherine Karim Boutros Zakhari, Samir Mohamed Osman, Nadia M Mahfouz, Camilia George Michel, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2021). Hepatoproptective Effects of Kombucha Tea in Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity: An in Vivo and Molecular Docking Studies. Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research 5(5): 857-865. Scopus
18. Riham A. El-shiekh, Sahar El Mekkawy, samar Mounier, Azza Hassan (2021). Therapeutic Potential of Russelioside B as Anti-Arthritic Agent in Freund’s Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis in Rats. J Ethnopharmacology 270: 113779. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2021.113779 IF= 3.690
19. Shrouq H. Sweilam, Fatma M. Abdel Bar, Omayma D. ElGindi, Moshera M. El- Sherei, Essam A. Abdel-Sattar (2021). Chemical and In Vitro Anti-inflammatory Assessment of Echinops erinaceus. Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research 5 (4), 715-719. Scopus
20. Reham Hassan Mekky, Essam Abdel-Sattar, Antonio Segura-Carretero and María del Mar Contreras (2021). Metabolic Profiling of the oil of sesame of the Egyptian cultivar
‘Giza 32’ employing LC-MS and tandem MS-based untargeted method. Foods. 10 (2) 298. doi: 10.3390/foods10020298 IF 3.701
21. Essam Abdel-Sattar, Engy A. Mahrous, Mareena M. Thabet, Dina M.Yousry Elnaggar, Amal M. Youssef, Reda Elhawary, Sawsan A. Zaitone, Celia Rodríguez-Pérez, Antonio Segura-Carretero, Reham Hassan Mekky (2021). Methanolic extracts of a selected Egyptian Vicia faba cultivar mitigate the oxidative/inflammatory burden and afford neuroprotection in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease. Inflammopharmacology 29 (1), 221-235. DOI 10.1007/s10787-020-00768-6 IF 4.473
22. Riham A. El-shiekh, Mohamed A. Salem, Samar M. Mouneir, Azza Hassan, Essam A. Abdel-Sattar* (2021). A Mechanistic Study of Solenostemma argel as Anti-rheumatic Agent in Relation to its Metabolite Profile Using UPLC/HRMS. J Ethnopharmacology 265, 113341. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jep.2020.113341 IF= 3.690
23. Mohamed A. Salem, Shahira M. Ezzat*, Patrick Giavalsico, Essam Abdel Sattar, Nebal El Tanbouly (2021). Application of a comprehensive metabolomics approach for the selection of flaxseed varieties with the highest nutritional and medicinal attributes. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 29 (2): 214-239.
24. IF= 4.727Riham A. El-shiekh, Abeer Salama, Asmaa K. Al-Mokaddem, Essam A. Abdel-Sattar (2021). Gastroprotective Effect of Mucilage Fraction from Solenostemma argel via Cytoprotection and Attenuation of Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Apoptosis. J Herbmed Pharmacology 10(2), 232-240. IF= 0.78
25. Essam Abdel-Sattar, Azza Ramy Abdel-Monem, Mohamed Elamir F. Hegazy, Ali M. El-Halawany, Sherif Mahmoud Afifi (2021). Genetic Diversity, LC-ESI-MS Chemical Profile and In Vivo Antitumor Activity of Three Egyptian Soybean Cultivars. Natural Product Research doi: 35 (1) 135-139. DOI.10.1080/14786419.2019.1610955. IF= 2.158
26. Riham A. El-shiekh, Abeer Salama, Asmaa K. Al-Mokaddem, Amar Bader, Essam A. Abdel-Sattar (2021). Russelioside B Protects Against Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer via Modulation of Heat Shock Protein-70 and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. Steroids: 165, 108759 IF=1.948
27. Salma Hago, Engy A. Mahrous, Mohamed Moawad, Samia Abdel-Wahab, Essam Abdel-Sattar
(2021). Evaluation of Antidiabetic Activity of Morus nigra L. and Bauhinia variegata L. Leaves as Egyptian Remedies Used for the Treatment of Diabetes Natural Product Research 35 (5) 829-835. doi: 10.1080/14786419.2019.1601094. IF= 2.158

Publication 2020 (13) Total IF 33.207
28. El-Berry A; Shagufta Mufti, Al-Maghrabi J, Ghareib S, Mosli S, El-Halawany A, Essam Abdel sattar (2020). The Protective Effect of Sophora japonica on the prostatic hypertrophy and inflammation in rat. Inflammopharmacology Journal 28, 1525–1536.
DOI: 10.1007/s10787-020-00723-5 IF=3.238
29. Riham Adel, Fatema Reda and Essam Abdel-Sattar (2020). In vitro anti-hypertensive activity of Jasminum grandiflorum subsp. floribundum (Oleaceae) in relation to its metabolite profile as revealed via UPLC-HRMS analysis. J Chromatography B, 1158: 122334.
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jchromb.2020.122334 IF= 3.04 150th
30. Tarek Kamal Abouzed, Kadry M. Sadek, Emad waded Ghazy, Walied Abdo, Mohmed Atef Kassab, Salma Hago, Engy A. Mahrous, Samia Abdel-Wahab, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2020). Black Mulberry Fruit Extract Alleviates Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic-Nephropathy in rats: Targeting TNF-α inflammatory pathway. J Pharm and Pharmacology 72: 1615-1628.
DOI: 10.1111/JPHP.13338 IF= 2.571
31. Ayat Emad; Sherifa ali; Engy Abdel-Rahman; sameh ali; Meselhy Meselhy; Mohamed Farag; Essam Sattar (2020). Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Apium graveolans extracts can mitigate against fatal acetaminophen-induced acute liver toxicity. Journal of Food Biochemistry 44 (10): e13399. hibDOI: 10.1111/jfbc.13399 IF= 1.662
32. Mareena M. Thabet, Reham Hassan Mekky, Celia Rodríguez-Pérez, Dina M. Yousry Elnaggar, Engy A. Mahrous, Antonio Segura-Carretero, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2020). Comparative metabolite profiling and antioxidant potentials of seeds and sprouts of three Egyptian cultivars of Vicia faba L. Food Research International 136, 109537 IF= 4.972
33. Rehab Ashour, Riham El-shiekh, Enas Abd El-Haleim, Kawkab A. Ahmed Essam abdelsattar (2020). Hibiscus sabdariffa L.: A Potent Natural Neuroprotective Agent for the Prevention of Streptozotocin-Induced Alzheimer’s Disease in Mice. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 128: 110303. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biopha.2020.110303 IF 4.545
34. Dalia El-Sheikh Ali, Rehab S. Abdelrahman, Rania A. El Gedaily, Shahira M. Ezzat , Meselhy R. Meselhy, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2020). Evaluation of the Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Certain Resin Exudates. Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research 4 (7), 255-261. Scopus
35. Abeer Mohamed El Sayed, Mohammed Nabil Khalil, Essam Abd El Sattar (2020). New calogenin glycoside derivative from Huernia saudi arabica and its Lipase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy 127: 110143. IF 4.545
36. Essam Abdelsattar, Hossam Mohamed Abdallah, Sahar El-Mekkawy, Chikara Ichino Hiroaki Kiyohara, Haruki Yamada (2019). Antimalarial Alkaloid from Hypoestes forskaolii, Experimental Parasitology: 211: 107851 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.exppara.2020.107851). IF: 1.719
37. Akram Shalabi , Ali El-Halawany, Mouchira Choucry, Fatma Elsakhawy, Hiroyuki Morita, Ki kun, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2020). New pregnane glycosides from Caralluma hexagona Lavranos and their α-glucosidase and pancreatic lipase inhibitory effects. Phytochemistry letter 36, 49-57. IF= 1.459 IF= 1.459
38. Ali El Halawany *, Shanaz Mohamed, Ahmed El Desoky, Meselhy Zayed, Essam Abdel-Sattar, Sobhy Mohsen, Ola Essam, Sahar El Mekkawy (2020). Preparation of lignans-rich extract from the aerial parts of Phyllanthus niruri using non-conventional methods. Molecules 2020, 25(5), 1179; https://doi.org/10.3390/molecules25051179. IF 3.267
39. El Sayed, A. M., Basyoni, M. M., ElGayed, S. H., El-Badry, A. A., & Essam Abdel-Sattar (2020). Pregnane glycoside from Huernia saudi-arabica as latent schistosomicidal mediator. Natural Product Research 34, 311-316. IF= 2.158
40. Mona M. Okba, An Matheeusse, Essam Abdel-Sattar, Miriam F. Yousif, Kadriya S. El Deeb
and Fathy M. Soliman (2020). Entada rheedii phaseoloidin, protocatechuic acid and entadamide A against protozoal diseases: trypanosomiasis and
leishmaniasis. Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 13 (3), 283-289. Scopus

Publication 2019 (8) Total IF 13.186
41. Amira El Senousy, Sabah El Gayed, Saber Mostafa, Saeed Zidan, Mohamed Hariri, Nebal El Tanbouly, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2019). Optimization of linseed cultivation, a promising way to obtain high flax lignan. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (IJRPS) 10, 1698-1710. Scopus
42. Riham A. El-shiekh, Dalia A. Al-Mahdy, Mohamed S. Hifnawy, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2019). In-vitro Screening of Selected Medicinal Plants for their Anti-obesity and Anti-oxidant Activities. South African Journal of Botany 123:43–50. IF= 1.79
43. Riham A. El-shiekh, Dalia A. Al-Mahdya, Samar M. Mouneir, Mohamed S. Hifnawy, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2019). Anti-obesity Effect of Argel (Solenostemma argel) on Obese Rats Fed a High Fat Diet. (Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 238, 111893. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2019.111893) IF=3.414
44. Riham A. El-shiekh, Dalia A. Al-Mahdy, Mohamed S. Hifnawy, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2019). Pharmacognostical study of Ochrosia elliptica Labill. (Apocynaceae). Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 9 (5): 49-57. Scopus
45. Ayat M. Emad, Sherifa F. Ali, Meselhy R. Meselhy, Sameh S. Ali, Essam A. Sattar (2019). Comparative antioxidant study of Agro product of selected Apiaceous plants using EPR technique Pharmacognosy Journal 2019; 11(6):1359-1364. Scopus
46. Reham Hassan Mekky, Essam Abdel-Sattar, Antonio Segura-Carretero and María del Mar Contreras (2019). Phenolic Compounds from Sesame Cake and Antioxidant Activity: A New Insight for Agri-Food Residues’ Significance for Sustainable Development (Foods 2019, 8, article No. 432 doi:10.3390/foods8100432). IF 3.701
47. Heba Abd El Hady El Gizawy, Mohammed Abdalla Hussein and Essam Abdel-Sattar (2019). Biological activities, isolated compounds and HPLC profile of Verbascum nubicum. Pharm Biology 57(1), 485-497. IF= 2.971
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2018 (12) Total IF 23.776
49. Shahira Mohammed Ezzat, Ph.D; Samia Shouman; Yasmin Attia; Mohamed El Sesy; Amira El Senousy; Mouchira Choucry; Sabah Hussein; Abeer El Sayed; Essam Abdel Sattar; Nebal El Tanbouly.(2018) Anticancer potentiality of lignan rich fraction of six Flaxseed cultivars. Scientific Reports Article number: 544. IF= 3.998
50. Mona M. Okba, Omar M. M. Sabry, Louis Maes, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2018). In vitro antiprotozoal activity of some medicinal plants against sleeping sickness, Chagas disease and leishmaniasis. Future Medicinal Chemistry 10 (22), 2607-2617 DOI: 10.4155/fmc-2018-0180, IF= 3.607
51. Ibrahim A Shehata; Essam El-harshany ; Hossam M Abdallah; Ahmed Esmat, Essam A Abdel-sattar (2018). Anti-inflammatory activity of Kleinia odora European Journal of Integrative Medicine 23: 64-69. IF=0.974
52. Khaled A Nematallah; Nahla A Ayoub; Essam Abdelsattar; Meselhy R Meselhy; Mohey M Elmazar; Ahmed H El-Khatib; Michael W Linscheid (2018). Polyphenols LC-MS2 profile of Ajwa date fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.) and their microemulsion: Potential impact on hepatic fibrosis. Journal of Functional food 49: 401–411. IF 3.701
53. Mohamed-Elamir F. Hegazy, Ahmed R. Hamed, Ali M. El-Halawany, Taha A. Hussien , Sara Abdelfatah, Shinji Ohta, Paul W. Paré , Essam Abdel-Sattar, Thomas Efferth (2018). Cytotoxicity of abietane diterpenoids from Salvia multicaulis towards multidrug-resistant cancer cells, Fitoterapia 130: 54-60. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fitote.2018.08.002 IF 2.527
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57. Akram Shalabi, Fatma El-Sakhawy, Mouchira Choucry, Sally EL Awdan and Essam Abdel-Sattar* (2018). Assessment of biological activities of Cissus rotundifolia (Forssk.) Vahl. Growing in Yemen. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences (RJPBCS) 9(4): 430-440. Scopus
58. Riham Salah El Dine, Denyse Bagrel, Dalila Bousta, Dina R. Abou-Hussein, Smahane Boukhira, Emilie Evain-Bana, Nebal Darwish El-Tanbouly, Stéphanie Philippot, Latifa El Mansourai, Tzvetomira Tzanova, Essam Abdel-Sattar* (2018).Valorization of Egyptian Food Byproducts in the Development of Biologically Active Nutriceuticals. Int J Pharmacognosy 5 (3) 144-157.
59. Essam Abdel-Sattar, Azza Ramy Abdel-Monem, Mohamed Elamir F. Hegazy, Ali M. El-Halawany, Sherif Mahmoud Afifi (2018). In Vitro Cytotoxic Activity of three Egyptian Soybean Cultivars. International Research Journal of Pharmacy 9 (12), 43-46.
60. Engy A Mahrous, Essam Abdel-Sattar (2016). Cytotoxicity and antibacterial activity of the bioactive components isolated from Asparagus officinalis L: A bioguided study. Wulfenia 25: (7) 50-75. IF= 0.5
2017 (10) Total IF 10.815
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2016 (6) Total IF 12.786
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2015 (9) Total IF 13.395
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