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Name: Associate Professor Dr. / Dalia Adel Mohamed Al-Mahdy
Department: Pharmacognosy  
Email: dalia.almahdy@pharma.cu.edu.eg  
Room: H-202
C.V.: C.V. File
Scholar: http://scholar.cu.edu.eg/daliaalmahdy/
Latest List of Publications 1. A. Youssef, D. A. Al-Mahdy, R. H. Sayed, M. A. Choucry and H. El-Askary, A Comprehensive Review of Natural Alternatives for Treatment of Alopecia with an Overview of Market Products, Journal of Medicinal Food, 2022.
2. Y.-L. Yang, D. A. Al-Mahdy, M.-L. Wu, X.-T. Zheng, X.-H. Piao, A.-L. Chen, S.-M. Wang, Q. Yang and Y.-W. Ge, LC-MS-based identification and antioxidant evaluation of small molecules from the cinnamon oil extraction waste, Food Chemistry, 2022, 366, 130576.
3. R. A. El-Shiekh, D. A. Al-Mahdy, M. S. Hifnawy and E. Abdel-Sattar, Biological and Chemical Assessment of Ochrosia elliptica Labill Leaves, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2020, 1-9.
4. S. E. Khaled, F. A.-M. Hashem, M. H. Shabana, A.-M. M. Hammam, A. N. A. Madboli, D. A. Al-Mahdy and M. A. Farag, A biochemometric approach for the assessment of Phyllanthus emblica female fertility effects as determined via UPLC-ESI-qTOF-MS and GC-MS, Food & function, 2019, 10, 4620-4635.
5. R. A. El-Shiekh, D. A. Al-Mahdy, S. M. Mouneir, M. S. Hifnawy and E. A. Abdel-Sattar, Anti-obesity effect of argel (Solenostemma argel) on obese rats fed a high fat diet, Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2019, 238, 111893.
6. S. Osama, M. El Sherei, D. A. Al-Mahdy, M. Bishr and O. Salama, Effect of Salicylic acid foliar spraying on growth parameters, γ-pyrones, phenolic content and radical scavenging activity of drought stressed Ammi visnaga L. plant, Industrial Crops and Products, 2019, 134, 1-10.
7. R. A. El-shiekh, D. A. Al-Mahdy, M. S. Hifnawy and E. A. Abdel-sattar, Pharmacognostical study of Ochrosia elliptica Labill. (Apocynaceae), Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 2019, 9, 049-057.
8. M. M. Nagy, D. A. Al-Mahdy, O. M. Abd El Aziz, A. M. Kandil, M. A. Tantawy and T. S. El Alfy, Chemical composition and antiviral activity of essential oils from Citrus reshni Hort. ex Tanaka (Cleopatra mandarin) cultivated in Egypt, Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants, 2018, 21, 264-272.
9. M. A. Farag, D. A. Al-Mahdy, A. Meyer, H. Westphal and L. A. Wessjohann, Metabolomics reveals biotic and abiotic elicitor effects on the soft coral Sarcophyton ehrenbergi terpenoid content, Scientific reports, 2017, 7, 1-11.
10. R. A. El-shiekh, D. A. Al-Mahdy, M. S. Hifnawy, T. Tzanova, E. Evain-Bana, S. Philippot, D. Bagrel and E. A. Abdelsattar, Chemical and biological investigation of Ochrosia elliptica Labill. cultivated in Egypt, Records of Natural Products, 2017, 11, 552-557.
11. W. Abdelmoez, E. Ashour, S. M. Naguib, A. Hilal, D. A. Al Mahdy, E. A. Mahrous and E. Abdel-Sattar, Kinetic and Thermodynamics studies for Castor Oil Extraction Using Subcritical Water Technology, Journal of oleo science, 2016, 65, 477-485.
12. M. A. Farag, D. A. Al‐Mahdy, R. S. E. Dine, S. A. Fahmy, A. Yassin, A. Porzel and W. Brandt, Structure Activity Relationships of Antimicrobial Gallic Acid Derivatives from Pomegranate and Acacia Fruit Extracts against Potato Bacterial Wilt Pathogen, Chemistry & biodiversity, 2015, 12, 955-962.
13. A. S. El Senousy, M. A. Farag, D. A. Al-Mahdy and L. A. Wessjohann, Developmental changes in leaf phenolics composition from three artichoke cvs. (Cynara scolymus) as determined via UHPLC–MS and chemometrics, Phytochemistry, 2014, 108, 67–76.
14. M. A. Farag and D. A. Al-Mahdy, Comparative study of the chemical composition and biological activities of Magnolia grandiflora and Magnolia virginiana flower essential oils, Natural product research, 2013, 27, 1091–1097.
15. T. S. El-Alfy, H. M. A. El-Gohary, N. M. Sokkar, M. Hosny and D. A. Al-Mahdy, A new flavonoid C-glycoside from Celtis australis L. and Celtis occidentalis L. leaves and potential antioxidant and cytotoxic activities, Scientia pharmaceutica, 2011, 79, 963.
16. T. S. M. El-Alfy, H. M. A. El-Gohary, N. M. Sokkar, S. A. El-Tawab and D. A. M. Al-Mahdy, Botanical and genetic characteristics of Celtis australis L. and Celtis occidentalis L. grown in Egypt, Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, 2011, 49, 37–57.
17. T. S. E.-A. Dalia Almahdy, Hamida M.A. El-Gohary, Nadia M. Sokkar, Amani A. Sleem, Phenolic Constituents of Platanus orientalis L. Leaves, Natural product communications, 2008, 3, 199–203.
18. T. S. El-Alfy, H. El-Gohary, N. M. Sokkar and D. A. Al-Mahdy, Two novel acylated flavonol glycosides from Platanus orientalis L. leaves, Natural product communications, 2008, 3, 1899–1902.
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