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Assistant Professor Dr. / Mohammed Nabil Ahmed Khalil

Latest List of Publications

1) Abdel-Dayem SI, Khalil MNA, Abdelrahman EH, El-Gohary HM, Kamel AS: Sesquiterpene lactones; Damsin and neoambrosin suppress cytokine-mediated inflammation in complete Freund's adjuvant rat model via shutting Akt/ERK1/2/STAT3 signaling. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 266: 113407 (2021).

2) Khalil MNA, Farghal HH, Farag MA: Outgoing and potential trends of composition, health benefits, juice production and waste management of the multi-faceted Grapefruit Citrus Χ paradisi: A comprehensive review for maximizing its value. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.(2020). DOI: 10.1080/10408398.2020.1830364

3) Abdel-Dayem SI, Khalil MNA, Abdelrahman, EH, El-Gohary, HM, Yehia A: Ultrasound-assisted extraction of damsin and neoambrosin from Ambrosia maritima: optimization using response surface methodology. Egyptian Journal of Chemistry, 2020, doi: 10.21608/ejchem.2020.47736.2989

4) El Sayed AM, AbdElSattar E, and Khalil MN: New calogenin pregnane glycoside derivative from Huernia saudi-arabica and its Lipase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 127: 110143 (2020).

5) Khalil MN, Choucry MA, Elsenousy AS, El-Marasy SA, El Awdan SA, Omar FA :Ambrosin, a potent NF-κβ inhibitor, ameliorates lipopolysaccharide induced memory impairment, comparison to curcumin. PloS one, 14(7), (2019). e0219378-e0219378.
6) Srour AM, Dawood DH, Khalil MNA, Nofal ZM: Synthesis and 2D-QSAR study of dispiropyrrolodinyl-oxindole based alkaloids as cholinesterase inhibitors. Bioorganic Chemistry, 83: 226-234 (2019)

7) Choucry MA, Khalil MNA, El Awdan SA: Protective action of Crateva nurvala Buch. Ham extracts against renal ischaemia reperfusion injury in rats via antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 214: 47-57 (2018)

8) Farag MA, Fekry MI, Al-Hammady MA, Khalil MNA, El-Seedi HR, Meyer A, Prozel A, Westphal H, Wessjohan LA: Cytotoxic effects of Sarcophyton sp. Soft corals-Is there a correlation to their NMR fingerprints?. Marine Drugs, 15:211-224 (2017).

9) Khalil MNA, Fekry MI, Farag MA: Metabolome based volatiles profiling in 13 date palm fruit varieties from Egypt via SPME GC–MS and chemometrics. Food Chemistry, 217: 171-181 (2017).

10) El Sayed AM, Ezzat SM, Khalil MNA, El-Hawary: Chemical composition and evaluation of possible alpha glucosidase inhibitory activity of eight Aloe species. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, 10: 167-178 (2016).

11) Khalil MNA, Brandt W, Beuerle T, Reckwell D, Groeneveld J, Hänsch R, Gaid MM Liu B, , Beerhues L: O-Methyltransferases involved in biphenyl and dibenzofuran biosynthesis. Plant Journal, 83: 263-276 (2015).

12) Khalil MNA, Beuerle T, Müller A, Ernst L, Bhavanam VBR, Liu B, Beerhues L : Biosynthesis of the biphenyl phytoalexin aucuparin in Venturia inaequalis-treated Sorbus aucuparia cell cultures. Phytochemistry 96: 101-109 (2013).

13) Coyne S, Chizzali C, Khalil MNA, Litomska A, Richter K, Beerhues L, Hertweck C: Biosynthesis of the antimetabolite 6-thioguanine in Erwinia amylovora plays a key role in fire blight pathogenesis. Angwandte Chemie 52:10564-10568 (2013) .

14) Coyne S, Litomska A, Chizzali C, Khalil MNA, Richter K, Beerhues L, Hertweck C: Control of plant defense mechanisms and fire blight pathogenesis through the regulation of 6-thioguanine biosynthesis in Erwinia amylovora. ChemBioChem 15:373-376 (2014).

15) Khalil MNA, Ph.D. thesis ”Biosynthesis of biphenyl and dibenzofuran phytoalexins in Sorbus aucuparia cell cultures” Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, Braunschweig Institute of Technology, Braunschweig, Germany, (2013).

16) Chizzali C, Khalil MNA, Beurle T, Schuehly W, Richter K, Flachowsky H, Peil A, Hanke MV, Liu B, Beerhues L: Formation of biphenyl and dibenzofuran phytoalexins in the transition zones of fire blight-infected stems of Malus domestia cv. Holsteiner Cox and Pyrus communis cv. Conference. Phytochemistry 77: 179-185 (2012).

17) Selim MA, El-Askary HI, Sanad OA, Ahmed MN, Sleem AA: Phytochemical and pharmacological study of Pterospermum acerifolium L. Willd. growing in Egypt. Bull. Fac. Pharm. Cairo Univ. 44 (3): 119-126 (2006).

18) Khalil MNA, MSc thesis, “Pharmacognostical study of certain plants belonging to family Sterculiaceae” Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, 2007.
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