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Pharmaceutical Chemistry III, Code 803

Aim of the Course

After completing this course the student should be able to predict the biological response and possible side effects from the chemical structure of compounds affecting various receptors, enzymes and systems and to estimate the structural modification of a compound to alter its physicochemical properties which may affect its biological response or influence its formulation or administration and suggest suitable methods for synthesis and analysis of drugs.

Course Contents

  • CNS Stimulants: Analeptics, CNS stimulant sympathomimetic and antidepressants
  • Drugs for neurodegenerative diseases
  • CVS drugs: antihypertensive drugs, antianginal drugs, antiarrythmic drugs, cardiotonics, antihyperlipidemic agents, hemostasis, anticoagulants and platelets aggregation inhibitors and thrombolytics
  • Cholinergic drugs, direct cholinomimetics and anticholinestrases, Antimuscarinics, nicotinic antagonists.
  • Adrenergic drugs
  • Antihistamines
  • CNS depressants: general anesthetics, sedative hypnotics, antiepileptic drugs, anxiolytics and antipsychotics.
  • Local anesthetics.
  • Diuretic drugs
  • Oral hypoglycemic agents
  • GIT drugs: Digestants, antiulcer agents, purgatives, antidiarrheal agents, emetics and antiemetics.
  • Drugs acting on the respiratory system
  • Monograph of pharmaceutical compounds: Analysis, purity tests, pKa, logP, IR, NMR

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