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About the center

Experimental Plants Station at the Faculty of Pharmacy - Cairo University is the center offers services in the field of education and study of medicinal, aromatic and toxic plants, as well as in the field of scientific research and community service.

Scenes from the Experimental Plants Station

Experimental Plants Station

Educational services provided by the center

  1. The center implants the medicinal, aromatic and toxic plants to supply The Faculty of Pharmacy - Cairo University as well as Faculties, universities and research centers to study and identify the vital components that are used in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. The center contributes in the study of medicinal plants for students through regular visits, which educates students on ways to cultivate, assembly then drying it in scientific methods prior to use it in pharmaceutical industry also this visits educates students in the work of a reference sample (Herbarium) of medicinal plants and ways dried to be a reference in scientific research and study.

Educational services provided by the Centre

  1. The Center provides the land (about 9 acres) of researchers from inside and outside the faculty for experimental agricultural works or experimental of growing imported plants for the purpose of scientific research for graduate students, faculty members and provide them with technical support and labor required to complete their research.
  2. The farm provides Medicinal Plant Research Laboratory and its researchers equipments for students or from outside the faculty to work as well as extracts essential oils from plants.
  3. The farm provides necessary mechanization for drying and grinding plants for scientific research students from within and outside the faculty.


Located near the campus. Hassan Hamdi behind brief envoys City.

Total area, 11 acres cultivated area of 7.5 acres.

And occupy buildings by the management offices, equipped lab, and a drying unit and store.

Today, station provides all these services to most sections of the drugs and research plant in public and private universities.


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