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Drug Design, Code PCE11

Aim of the Course

The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the process of drug discovery and development from the identification of novel drug targets to the introduction of new drugs into clinical practice as well as the recent advances in the use of computational and combinatorial chemistry in drug design.

Course Contents

  • Drug development and lead identifications
  • Functional group modifications (variation of substituent's, homologation, ring expansion/contraction, bioisosterism).
  • Mechanism-based drug design (drugs affecting enzymes, receptors, biochemistry of the cell, cell membrane...etc.)
  • Chemical structure parameters (resonance, inductive effect, types of drug-receptor bonding, molecular dimensions, interatomic distances, stereochemistry...)
  • Drug latentiation, prodrugs and soft drugs.
  • Structure activity relationships. Pharmacophore identification.
  • Computer-aided drug design (pharmacophore search, molecular alignment, docking).
  • Physicochemical properties in relation to drug action (partition coefficient, dissociation constant...)

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