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Drug Design, Code PC509

Aim of the Course

Course Contents

  • The course covers the essential concepts of medicinal chemistry, how the drug exerts its biological and toxicological activities and how these activities are strongly correlated to its chemical structure (Structure-activity relationship; SAR) and its physicochemical properties. This course also covers the different drug metabolic pathways; Phase I and Phase II. The course also focuses on patient-directed clinical care; the molecular aspects governing drugs’ pharmacokinetics (ADME), pharmacodynamics, optimization of drug action, possible side effects, in addition to understanding drug interactions are targeted. The course is also designed to familiarize the students with drug design and molecular modelling covering structure-based and ligand-based drug design. The course also covers the process of drug discovery and development from target identification until approval of a new drug with focus on lead structure identification, optimization and targeting certain receptors and enzymes active sites. Additionally, the course addresses the study of molecular docking, pharmacophore generation, and molecular modifications including prodrug design, stereochemistry alterations, isosteric replacement, drug metabolism and Quantitative Structure-activity relationship (QSAR).

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