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Faculty of Pharmacy Career Center (FOPCC)

FOPCC (Faculty of Pharmacy Career Center) is the newest initiative from the faculty to empower and develop its students into graduates that exceed the job market requirements.


  1. Educational counseling:
    • Information about undergraduate studies.
    • Information about postgraduate studies.
  2. Professional counseling:
    • Self-knowledge.
    • Personal resource development.
    • Designing a career plan.
  3. Development Programs:
    • Career management.
    • Career Orientation.
    • Soft skills.
    • Team Work development.
    • Time management.
    • Project management.
  4. Job Hunting Techniques:
    • C.V and cover letter writing.
    • First impression and interviewing skills.
  5. Recruitment and placement:
    • Creating a pool of potential applicants' CVs and cover letters to be forwarded to the recruiter.
  6. External Clientele Services:
    • Psychological evaluation for personnel.
    • Organizing job interviews while providing all needed resources.
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