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Latest List of Publications

• Quirke, J. C. K.; Sati, G. C.; Sonousi, A.; Gysin, M.; Haldimann, K.; Böttger, E. C.; Vasella, A.; Hobbie, S. N.; Crich, D. Structure-Activity Relationships for 5′′ Modifications of 4,5-Aminoglycoside Antibiotics. ChemMedChem 2022, e202200120. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1002/cmdc.202200120.
• Hassan, R. A.; Emam, S. H.; Hwang, D.; Kim, G.-D.; Hassanin, S. O.; Khalil, M. G.; Abdou, A. M.; Sonousi, A. Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of New Pyrazoline Derivatives by down-Regulation of VEGF: Molecular Docking and Apoptosis Inducing Activity. Bioorg. Chem. 2022, 118, 105487. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bioorg.2021.105487.
• Sonousi, J.C.K. Quirke, P. Waduge, T. Janusic, M. Gysin, K. Haldimann, S. Xu, S.N. Hobbie, S.-H. Sha, J. Schacht, C.S. Chow, A. Vasella, E.C. Böttger, D. Crich, An Advanced Apralog with Increased in vitro and in vivo Activity toward Gram-negative Pathogens and Reduced ex vivo Cochleotoxicity, ChemMedChem 2021, 16, 2, 335-339.
• A. Sonousi, H.A. Mahran, I.M. Ibrahim, M.N. Ibrahim, A.A. Elfiky, W.M. Elshemey, Novel adenosine derivatives against SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase: an in-silico perspective, Pharmacol. Rep. 2021, 1-11.
• S.H. Emam, A. Sonousi, E.O. Osman, D. Hwang, G.-D. Kim, R.A. Hassan, “Design and synthesis of methoxyphenyl- and coumarin-based chalcone derivatives as anti-inflammatory agents by inhibition of NO production and down-regulation of NF-κB in LPS-induced RAW264.7 macrophage cells”, Bioorg. Chem. 2021, 107, 104630.
• A. Sonousi, A. Vasella, D. Crich, “Synthesis of a Pseudodisaccharide Suitable for Synthesis of Ring I Modified 4,5-2-Deoxystreptamine Type Aminoglycoside Antibiotics”, J. Org. Chem. 2020, 7583-7587.
• Jonathan C. K. Quirke, Parasuraman Rajasekaran, Vikram A. Sarpe, Amr Sonousi, Ivan Osinnii, Marina Gysin, Klara Haldimann, Qiao-Jun Fang, Dimitri Shcherbakov, Sven N. Hobbie, Su-Hua Sha, Jochen Schacht, Andrea Vasella, Erik C. Böttger, and David Crich “Apralogs: Apramycin 5‐O‐Glycosides and Ethers with Improved Antibacterial Activity and Ribosomal Selectivity and Reduced Susceptibility to the Aminoacyltranserferase (3)-IV Resistance Determinant” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142, 1, 530-544
• M.T.M. Nemr, A. Sonousi, A.A. Marzouk, Design, synthesis and antiproliferative evaluation of new tricyclic fused thiazolopyrimidines targeting topoisomerase II: Molecular docking and apoptosis inducing activity, Bioorg. Chem. 2020, 105, 104446.
• Bakr, R. O.; Zaghloul, S. S.; Hassan, R. A.; Amr Sonousi; Wasfi, R.; Fayed, M. A. A., “Antimicrobial activity of Vitex agnus-castus Essential Oil and Molecular Docking Study of Its Major Constituents”. Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 2020, 23 (1), 184-193.
• Amr Sonousi; Dimitri Shcherbakov; Andrea Vasella; Erik Bottger; D. Crich, “Synthesis, ribosomal selectivity, and antibacterial activity of netilmicin 4′-derivatives” MedChemComm, 2019, 10, 946-950
• Amr Sonousi, Vikram A. Sarpe, Margarita Brilkova, Jochen Schacht, Andrea Vasella, Erik C. Böttger, and David Crich, “Effects of the 1-N-(4-Amino-2S-hydroxybutyryl) and 6′-N-(2-Hydroxyethyl) Substituents on Ribosomal Selectivity, Cochleotoxicity, and Antibacterial Activity in the Sisomicin Class of Aminoglycoside Antibiotics” ACS Infect. Dis., 2018, 4 (7), pp 1114–1120
• Supuni Duneeshya Thalalla Gamage; Nisansala Muthunayake; Amr Sonousi; David Crich; Christine Chow, The FASEB Journal 2017, 31, 608.8-608.8.
• Amr Sonousi; David Crich, "Selective protection of secondary amines as the N-phenyltriazenes. application to aminoglycoside antibiotics" Org. Lett. 2015, 17 (16), 4006.
• Afaf Elansary; Hanan Kadry; Eman Ahmed; Amr Sonousi, "Design, synthesis, and biological activity of certain quinazolinedione derivatives as potent phosphodiestrase4 inhibitors" Med. Chem. Res. 2011, 21, 3557.
• Afaf Elansary; Hanan Kadry; Eman Ahmed; Amr Sonousi, "Design, synthesis and in vitro PDE4 inhibition activity of certain quinazolinone derivatives for treatment of asthma" Med. Chem. Res. 2011, 21, 3327.
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