Academic Advisory 2015-2016
Academic Advisory 2015-2016
First Year: Get Your Email and Faculty Website Accounts
Email and Faculty Website Accounts
Announcements for First Year Students
Announcements and ID grant proceduers for Fresh Students
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Society of Faculty of Pharmacy, #2 December 2014
Society of Faculty of Pharmacy
Drug Discovery Diploma
Diploma of Drug Discovery * Registration will be opend in July 2015
Community Service and Development Environment

Achievements in December 2014

Clinical Pharmacy Program

The program aims to produce clinical pharmacists capable of providing specialist pharmaceutical services in all clinical environments.

This multidisciplinary programme is designed to prepare our pharmacy graduates to have a powerful impact in the various fields of pharmacy including community pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, pharmaceutical Industrial companies as well as, academic and research institutes.

Why Faculty of Pharmacy?

To be the best in my field. To have my place reserved in the market. Cause I can share in my learning process. Cause my opinion matters. Cause I can smell the air of competition. FOPCU is a chance and experience I am glad I haven't missed.

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