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Two Semesters


Semester One
Course IDCourseDetails
101Pharmacy History and OrientationDetails
201Botany and Medicinal PlantsDetails
501Organic Chemistry IDetails
503Mathematics *Details
601General and Physical ChemistryDetails
602Analytical Chemistry IDetails
Semester Two
Course IDCourseDetails
102Physical PharmacyDetails
105Accounting and Pharmacy Business Administration*Details
202Pharmacognosy IDetails
302Medical TerminologyDetails
502Organic Chemistry IIDetails
603Analytical Chemistry IIDetails
utc001Critical ThinkingDetails


Semester One
Course IDCourseDetails
103Pharmaceutics IDetails
203Pharmacognosy IIDetails
301Anatomy, Histology and PhysiologyDetails
504Organic Chemistry IIIDetails
604Analytical Chemistry IIIDetails
Semester Two
Course IDCourseDetails
106Pharmaceutics IIDetails
204Pharmacognosy IIIDetails
401Pathology and ParasitologyDetails
505Organic Chemistry IVDetails
605Instrumental AnalysisDetails


Semester One
Course IDCourseDetails
107Pharmaceutics IIIDetails
205Phytochemistry IDetails
303Pharmacology IDetails
402Basic Microbiology and ImmunologyDetails
701Biochemistry IDetails
Semester Two
Course IDCourseDetails
206Phytochemistry IIDetails
304Pharmacology IIDetails
403Medical MicrobiologyDetails
702Biochemistry IIDetails
902Hospital PharmacyDetails


Semester One
Course IDCourseDetails
305Pharmacology IIIDetails
405Public HealthDetails
703Clinical Chemistry and Molecular BiologyDetails
801Pharmaceutical Chemistry IDetails
903Community Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy LegislationsDetails
Semester Two
Course IDCourseDetails
110Pharmaceutics IVDetails
111Biopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsDetails
306Biostatistics and Biological Standardization of DrugsDetails
308First AidDetails
802Pharmaceutical Chemistry IIDetails


Semester One
Course IDCourseDetails
112Industrial Pharmacy IDetails
404Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyDetails
803Pharmaceutical Chemistry IIIDetails
901Clinical Pharmacy 1Details
905Drug MarketingDetails
Semester Two
Course IDCourseDetails
113Industrial Pharmacy IIDetails
115Quality Control and Quality AssuranceDetails
115Quality Control and Quality AssuranceDetails
208Natural Products and Quality ControlDetails
904Drug InformationDetails
904_2Clinical Pharmacy 2Details

Course IDCourseDetails
210Marine DrugsDetails
804Drug DesignDetails
805Drug SynthesisDetails
906Advanced Clinical PharmacyDetails
907Clinical Pharmacy PracticeDetails
908Advanced Clinical PharmacokineticsDetails
909Communication SkillsDetails
910Clinical PharmacoeconomicsDetails
utc001Critical ThinkingDetails

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