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Level One

Semester One
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC101281044Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry IDetails
PC102148842Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IDetails
PT101850832Pharmacy OrientationDetails
PG101645540Medicinal PlantsDetails
MD101517943Medical TerminologyDetails
NP101132333Information TechnologyDetails
NP102118679Human Rights & Fighting CorruptionDetails
Semester Two
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC203 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry IIDetails
PC204 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIDetails
PG202 Pharmacognosy IDetails
PT202 Physical PharmacyDetails
MD202 Cell BiologyDetails
MD203 Anatomy Details
MD204 HistologyDetails
UR203 Critical ThinkingDetails

Level Two

Semester Three
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC305697252Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry IIIDetails
PC306948354Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIIDetails
PG303820969Pharmacognosy IIDetails
PT303263453Pharmaceutics IDetails
MD305910267Physiology & PathophysiologyDetails
UR304782917Entrepreneurship Details
Semester Four
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC407 Instrumental AnalysisDetails
PC408 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IVDetails
PT404 Pharmaceutics IIDetails
PB401 Biochemistry IDetails
PM401 General Microbiology & ImmunologyDetails
MD406 PathologyDetails
NP403 Communication SkillsDetails

Level Three

Semester Five
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC509685788Drug DesignDetails
PG504 Phytochemistry IDetails
PT505932701Pharmaceutics IIIDetails
PB502375908Biochemistry II Details
PM502237282Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyDetails
PO501887464Pharmacology IDetails
Semester Six
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC610 Medicinal Chemistry IDetails
PG605 Phytochemistry IIDetails
PT606 Biopharmaceutics & PharmacokineticsDetails
PT607 Pharmaceutics IVDetails
PM603 ParasitologyDetails
PO602 Pharmacology IIDetails

Level Four

Semester Seven
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC711 Medicinal Chemistry IIDetails
PG706 Applied & Forensic Pharmacognosy Details
PT708 Pharmaceutical Technology IDetails
PM704204617Medical Microbiology Details
PO703 Pharmacology IIIDetails
Semester Eight
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PT809 Pharmaceutical Technology IIDetails
PB803782918Clinical BiochemistryDetails
PP801 Clinical PharmacokineticsDetails
PP802 Hospital PharmacyDetails
PP803 Community Pharmacy Practice Details
PP804 Drug InformationDetails
NP804 Pharmaceutical Legislations & Regulatory AffairsDetails

Level Five

Semester Nine
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PT910 Advanced Drug Delivery SystemsDetails
PM905 BiotechnologyDetails
PM906 Public Health Details
PO904633221Basic & Clinical ToxicologyDetails
PP905 Clinical Pharmacy IDetails
PP906 PharmacoeconomicsDetails
NP905 Marketing Details
Semester Ten
Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PC012 Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals Details
PG007 Phytotherapy & AromatherapyDetails
PT011 Good Manufacturing Practice Details
PO005 Drug InteractionDetails
PP007 Clinical Pharmacy II Details
PP008 Pharmacoepidemiology & PharmacovigilanceDetails
MD007 First Aid Details
NP006 Scientific WritingDetails
NP007 Professional EthicsDetails

Course IDAccess CodeCourseDetails
PTE12 Cosmetic PreparationsDetails
PTE13909658Quality Assurance & Control of CosmeticsDetails
PTE14 Veterinary Pharmacy Details
PGE08 Complementary & Alternative MedicineDetails
PGE09 Production & Manufacture of Medicinal PlantsDetails
PGE10 Chromatography & Separation TechniquesDetails
PGE11 Herbal CosmeticsDetails
POE06 Biological StandardizationDetails
POE07 Veterinary PharmacologyDetails
POE08 Drug AbuseDetails
POE09 Occupational Toxicology Details
POE10 Sport & Exercise Pharmacology Details
PME07 Infection ControlDetails
PME08 Biologicals: Biopharmaceutical & Immunological ProductsDetails
PME09 BioinformaticsDetails
PME10 Fundamentals of GenomicsDetails
PCE13 Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis-SpectroscopyDetails
PCE14 Applied AnalysisDetails
PCE15 Environmental AnalysisDetails
PCE16 Bioanalysis Details
PCE17 Advanced Drug DesignDetails
PCE18 Metabolism in Drug DiscoveryDetails
PBE04 Clinical NutritionDetails
PPE09 Management of Oncological DisordersDetails
PPE10 Clinical Pharmacy Practice Details
PPE11 Management of Infectious DiseasesDetails

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