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Activities and Achievements


CARAS approved for cooperation with Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) to support the different testing serving and bioequivalence studies that provided by the center for different pharmaceutical companies.

CARAS has Cooperated with National Cancer Institute, Cairo University Hospitals, National Nutrition Institute (specially food registration unit) and Military forces.

Many bioequivalence studies were performed in CARAS for different Egyptian pharmaceutical companies as a requirement for drugs registration in Egypt, or for exporting drugs to international markets. Also, some bioequivalence studies were done for foreign countries e.g. Lebanon, Saudia Arabia, Russia …etc.

Many stability, biowavier and dissolution profile studies for pharmaceutical products were performed for different pharmaceutical companies.

All Bioequivalence, biowavier and stability studies performed by CARAS were accepted from CAPA or the authorities of foreign countries.

In addition, many expert reports that include pharmaceutical, toxicological and clinical evaluation of pharmaceutical products were made for different pharmaceutical companies.

Helping pharmaceutical companies for solving problems regarding analytical and bioanalytical method development, formulations …..etc..


  1. Supporting research activities.
  2. Workshops in different fields of pharmaceuticals.
  3. LC-MS/MS Symposium.
  4. Student training on bioavailability study procedures.
  5. Participation in the practical instrumental courses.
  6. Supporting scientific conferences.
  7. participation in scientific sessions of conferences.
  8. Collaboration and hosting international experts.

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