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Details of the Academic Program (PharmD-Clinical Pharmacy)

Degree Awarded to Graduates:

Graduates of the Clinical Pharmacy Program who are enrolled in the program starting from the academic year 2020/2021 will be awarded a Bachelorï؟½s degree in Pharmacy (Pharm D-Clinical Pharmacy).

The Study System:

  • Duration of study in the program includes five academic years (five levels over ten semesters) according to the credit hours system and an advanced training year (excellence) in the workplace (5 + 1). Initial 100 hours of initial training in private, government pharmacies or pharmacies hospitals take place during the summer vacations after the end of the third level and before the start of the internship year.
  • Each academic level is divided into two semesters (Fall and Spring), and some courses may be offered in a summer semester of intensive study.
  • The credit hour is a study unit that equals a theoretical weekly study hour or a practical lesson of not less than two hours per week.
  • Study in the program includes 175 credit hours, in addition to 6 credit hours of university requirements.
  • The student chooses 4 elective courses (8 credit hours) to be studied during the last two academic levels.

Admission Policy:

  • It is required for those who apply to join the program to meet the conditions specified by the Supreme Council of Universities where students are admitted to the program from students admitted to the Faculty of Pharmacy - Cairo University through the Coordination Office and newly-acquired high school diplomas and Arab and foreign equivalent certificates.
  • The approval of the student to join the program is commitment of his enrollment and obligates him to pay the expenses that results from it (administrative expenses + educational services) and he does not receive his file before paying these obligations.

Academic Advising:

The college specifies an academic advisor from the staff members for each group of students to carry out the tasks of sponsorship and scientific guidance and is responsible for the student in scientific, social and psychological affairs and guides him in everything related to his university life and assists students in choosing courses from the list of courses offered by the college in every semester.

Courses Registration:

  • The student should personally register the courses in each semester with the necessity that the courses and the registered hours are chosen in consultation and agreement with the academic advisor.
  • The registration of the course requires that the student has passed the requirement for the success of this course (prerequisite courses).
  • The student should register his courses at the specified times according to the university calendar, and the study process will take place after the end of the registration.
  • The student is not allowed to make late registration after the official registration times except with a compulsory excuse accepted by the dean of the Faculty, provided that the delay period does not exceed a week from the end of the official registration time, and the student pays delay fees.

Link for the academic schedules of study during the five academic levels:

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The Academic Load:

  • The academic load is the number of credit hours that the student registers in one semester.
  • The academic load should not be less than 12 credit hours and not more than 22 credit hours and study load for students with poor academic performance (GPA less than 1) does not exceed 12 credit hours.
  • The maximum summer academic load is 10 credit hours.
  • The faculty council has the right after approval of the supervising program committee to allow the students in the last two semesters to increase the academic load above the maximum and not exceeding the number of 3 credit hours (the student benefits from it once).

Language of Study:

The language of study in the program in English. However, some courses may be taught in Arabic based on the recommendation of the relevant scientific department and the approval of the Faculty and University Councils

Add, Drop and Withdrawal

  • The student may add or drop one or more courses in any semester after the official registration period within specified periods according to the university calendar announced, taking into account the minimum and maximum academic load.
  • A student may withdraw from one or more courses in any semester without being considered failure in this course provided that he submits the withdrawal request during the specified periods according to the university calendar announced for each semester with paying the course registration fees.

Initial Field Training:

The student must complete a period of field training under the supervision of a faculty staff member in private, government or hospital pharmacies approved by the Faculty council. The training takes place during the summer vacations after the end of the third level with a total number of 100 actual hours, and before starting the advanced field training (Internship year).

Advanced field training (Internship year):

  • The sixth year of study is dedicated to advanced field training, with 6 training courses divided on 36 weeks.
  • The advanced field training should include at least 4 training courses inside hospitals that implement clinical pharmacy practice.
  • The advanced field training should include one training course in one of the areas of non-clinical pharmacy practices (drug manufacturing - drug control ... etc.).
  • The advanced training program is designed in an integrated and systematic manner in a rotating, periodic manner, recorded in hours and training assignments, and under close supervision from the faculty and the training institution.
  • The program supervising committee is responsible for designing the advanced training program annually based on the number of students and the availability of training places, provided that the program is approved by the faculty council before its implementation.
  • The student must submit and pass a graduation project in a specific aspect as determined by the program supervising committee.

To find answers to the most important common questions related to the nature of the credit hours program and the credit hours program (Clinical Pharmacy), you can access the following link:

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