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FOPCU - Why?

  • To be the best in my field.
  • To have my place reserved in the market.
  • Cause I can share in my learning process.
  • Cause my opinion matters.
  • Cause I can smell the air of competition.
  • FOPCU is a chance and experience I am glad I haven't missed.


  • Cause I tried others !!!
  • Cause I can work under direct supervision of great professors nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • Cause I can share my research ideas with the greats.
  • To have a key role in the future of pharmaceutical sciences.


  • I couldn’t think of any other choices
  • Cause the FOPCU brand worth it.
  • Cause we are always going up.


  • Cause we are everywhere.
  • Cause leadership in a field needs an experience delivered by experts.
  • The house of experts.


  • To gain the appropriate experience to start building.
  • We have the best students ever.

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