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Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry-2, Code PC306

Aim of the Course

The aim of this course is to provide the students with a quantitative sense in chemical analysis as well as a deep knowledge of redox titrations and complexometry. Also provide student with statistical phenomena and how to evaluate the produced data of analytical methods.

Course Contents

  • Redox: Electrochemical properties of redox systems. Nernest equations for redox reactions. End point detection in redox titrations. - Application of redox titrations. Properties of some oxidizing agents e.g. pot. Permanganate. Redox titrations
  • Complexometry: - Complex formation. - Types of complexing agents. - Factors affecting stability of complex. - Complexometric titration curve. - Detection of end point. - Types of metal indicators. - Application of Complexometric reactions
  • Statistics: - Statistical treatment of analytical data. - Summarizing data (measure of central value & measure of dispersion). - Accuracy and precision. - Rejection of results.

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