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Phytochemistry-2, Code PG505

Aim of the Course

After completion of the course the student should have the knowledge and experience that enables her/ him to understand, describe and deal with the chemistry of alkaloids, glycosides, hallucinogens and carcinogens of plant or animal origin as well as techniques for their, isolation, identification from their respective sources. Also, the student should be aware with the different chromatographic methods used for isolation and analysis of different types of natural products.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Alkaloids: Definition, classification, isolation, identification quantization & pharmacological activities
  • Protoalkaloids and alkaloids of the pyridine, piperidine and pyridone groups
  • Alkaloids of the tropane group
  • Alkaloids of the quinoline and isoquinoline groups
  • Alkaloids of the indole and carboline groups
  • Alkaloids of the imidazole and purine groups. • Alkaloids with steroidal and triterpenoidal nucleus
  • Introduction to Glycosides: Definition, classification, isolation, identification quantization & pharmacological activities
  • Simple phenolic & anthracene glycosides
  • Flavonoid and coumarin glycosides
  • Cardiotonic, saponin, cyanogenic and sulphur containing glycosides
  • Hallucinogens and anticancers
  • Introduction to Chromatography: Definition, classification, Adsorption & Partition chromatography
  • PC, TLC, CC & other chromatographic techniques

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