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PharmD - Clinical Pharmacy Program

Level One

Semester One
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
202102.PHA.PCC101333861Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry ICourse Aim
202101.PHA.PCC101333556Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry ICourse Aim
202102.PHA.PCC102231807Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry ICourse Aim
202101.PHA.PCC102696542Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry ICourse Aim
202101.PHA.PTC101417356Pharmacy OrientationCourse Aim
202101.PHA.PGC101640996Medicinal PlantsCourse Aim
202102.PHA.PGC101107677Medicinal PlantsCourse Aim
202101.PHA.MDC101180463Medical TerminologyCourse Aim
202101.PHA.NPC101669430Information TechnologyCourse Aim
202101.PHA.NPC102620910Human Rights & Fighting CorruptionCourse Aim
202101.PHA.URC101389586MathematicsCourse Aim
202101.PHA.URC102782899PsychologyCourse Aim
Semester Two
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
202102.PHA.PCC203236443Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry IICourse Aim
202102.PHA.PCC204241479Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IICourse Aim
202102.PHA.PGC202231567Pharmacognosy ICourse Aim
202102.PHA.PTC202846729Physical PharmacyCourse Aim
202102.PHA.MDC202223114Cell BiologyCourse Aim
202102.PHA.MDC203227577Anatomy Course Aim
202102.PHA.MDC204232039HistologyCourse Aim
202102.PHA.URC203142489Critical ThinkingCourse Aim

Level Two

Semester Three
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
202102.PHA.PCC305376433Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIICourse Aim
202101.PHA.PCC305988581Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIICourse Aim
202101.PHA.PGC303643649Pharmacognosy IICourse Aim
202101.PHA.PTC303613041Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms ICourse Aim
202101.PHA.PBC301109764Biochemistry ICourse Aim
202101.PHA.MDC305192665Physiology & PathophysiologyCourse Aim
202101.PHA.URC304782916Entrepreneurship Course Aim
Semester Four
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
202102.PHA.PCC406250352Instrumental AnalysisCourse Aim
202102.PHA.PTC404506348Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms IICourse Aim
202102.PHA.PBC402231807Biochemistry IICourse Aim
202102.PHA.POC401227171Pharmacology ICourse Aim
202102.PHA.PMC401227171General Microbiology & ImmunologyCourse Aim
202102.PHA.MDC406240963PathologyCourse Aim
202102.PHA.NPC403230832Communication SkillsCourse Aim
202102.PHA.NPC404482693Pharmacy Legislation & Practice EthicsCourse Aim

Level Three

Semester Five
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
PGC504 Phytochemistry ICourse Aim
PTC505 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms IIICourse Aim
PMC502 Pharmaceutical Microbiology & AntimicrobialsCourse Aim
PMC503 ParasitologyCourse Aim
POC502 Pharmacology IICourse Aim
PPC501 Community Pharmacy PracticeCourse Aim
Semester Six
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
PCC607 Quality Control of PharmaceuticalsCourse Aim
PGC605 Phytochemistry IICourse Aim
PTC606 Pharmaceutical TechnologyCourse Aim
POC603 Pharmacology IIICourse Aim
PPC602 Hospital PharmacyCourse Aim
PPC603 Clinical Pharmacy Practice Course Aim
MDC607 First Aid & Basic Life Support Course Aim

Level Four

Semester Seven
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
PCC708 Medicinal Chemistry I Course Aim
PTC707 Advanced Drug Delivery SystemsCourse Aim
PTC708 Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics Course Aim
POC704 Pharmacology IVCourse Aim
PMC704 Medical Microbiology Course Aim
PPC704 Drug Information Course Aim
Semester Eight
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
PCC809 Medicinal Chemistry IICourse Aim
PMC805 Public Health & Preventive Medicine Course Aim
POC805 Drug InteractionCourse Aim
PBC803 Clinical Biochemistry Course Aim
PPC805 Management of Endocrine & Renal DisordersCourse Aim
PPC806 Management of Oncological DisordersCourse Aim
PPC807 Clinical PharmacokineticsCourse Aim

Level Five

Semester Nine
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
PGC906 PhytotherapyCourse Aim
POC906 Basic & Clinical ToxicologyCourse Aim
PMC906 BiotechnologyCourse Aim
PPC908 Management of Neuropsychiatric & Musculoskeletal DisordersCourse Aim
PPC909 PharmacoeconomicsCourse Aim
PBC904 Clinical NutritionCourse Aim
NPC905 Marketing Course Aim
Semester Ten
Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
PTC009 RadiopharmaceuticalsCourse Aim
PPC010 Management of Dermatological & Reproductive Disorders Course Aim
PPC011 Management of Pediatric DisordersCourse Aim
PPC012 Management of Cardiovascular DisordersCourse Aim
PPC013 Management of Gastrointestinal DisordersCourse Aim
PPC014 Management of Respiratory DisordersCourse Aim
PPC015 Pharmacoepidemiology & PharmacovigilanceCourse Aim
NPC006 Scientific WritingCourse Aim

Course IDAccess CodeCourseCourse Aim
PTCE10 Good Manufacturing PracticesCourse Aim
PTCE11 Cosmetic PreparationsCourse Aim
PGCE07 Complementary & Alternative MedicineCourse Aim
PGCE08 Production & Manufacture of Medicinal PlantsCourse Aim
PGCE09 Chromatography & Separation TechniquesCourse Aim
PGCE10 Aromatherapy & Herbal CosmeticsCourse Aim
PGCE11 Biotechnology of Medicinal PlantsCourse Aim
POCE07 Biological StandardizationCourse Aim
POCE08 Occupational ToxicologyCourse Aim
POCE09 Drug AbuseCourse Aim
PMCE07 Infection ControlCourse Aim
PMCE08 Biologicals: Biopharmaceutical & Immunological ProductsCourse Aim
PMCE09 Bioinformatics Course Aim
PMCE10 Fundamentals of GenomicsCourse Aim
PMCE11 Diagnostic MicrobiologyCourse Aim
PCCE10 Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis-SpectroscopyCourse Aim
PCCE11 Applied AnalysisCourse Aim
PCCE12 Environmental Analysis Course Aim
PCCE13 BioanalysisCourse Aim
PCCE14 Drug Design Course Aim
PBCE05 Biochemical & Molecular Biology TechniquesCourse Aim
PPCE16 Pharmacogenetics & PharmacogenomicsCourse Aim
PPCE17 Management of Infectious Diseases ICourse Aim
PPCE18 Management of Infectious Diseases IICourse Aim
PPCE19 Management of Critically Ill Patients ICourse Aim
PPCE20 Management of Critically Ill Patients IICourse Aim

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