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Emeritus Professor / Seham A. Elkheshen
Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

Latest List of Publications

1. NM El Hoffy, EAA Azim, RM Hathout, MA Fouly, SA Elkheshen, Glaucoma: management and future perspectives for nanotechnology-based treatment modalities. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 158, 105648, 2021.

2. E El-Maghawry, M Tadros, S Elkheshen, A Abd-Elbary, Eudragit®-S100 Coated PLGA Nanoparticles for Colon Targeting of Etoricoxib: Optimization and Pharmacokinetic Assessments in Healthy Human Volunteers, International Journal of Nanomedicine 15, 3965–3980, 2020.

3. S Hatem, NM El Hoffy, RS Elezaby, M Nasr, AO Kamel, SA Elkheshen, Background and different treatment modalities for melasma: Conventional and nanotechnology-based approaches, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 60, 101984, 2020.

4. Abdel-Salam, F.S., Elkheshen, S.A., Mahmoud, A.A., Basalious, E.B., Amer, M.S., Mostafa, A.A., Elkasabgy, N.A., In-situ forming chitosan implant-loaded with raloxifene hydrochloride and bioactive glass nanoparticles for treatment of bone injuries: Formulation and biological evaluation in animal model. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 580, 119213, 2020.

5. M. El Kayal, M. Nasr, N. Mortada, S. Elkheshen, Optimization of the colloidal proprties of different vesicular systems aiming to encapsulate (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate, FARMACIA, 68, 97-110, 2020.

6. Elkasabgy, N.A., Abdel-Salam, F.S., Mahmoud, A.A., Basalious, E.B., Amer, M.S., Mostafa, A.A., Elkheshen, S.A., Long lasting in-situ forming implant loaded with raloxifene HCl: An injectable delivery system for treatment of bone injuries. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 571, 118703, 2019.

7. M. El-Kayal, M. Nasr, S. Elkheshen, N. Mortada, Colloidal (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate vesicular systems for prevention and treatment of skin cancer: A comprehensive experimental study with preclinical investigation, Eur. J. Pharm. Sci., 137, 104972-104987, 2019.
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