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Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence



  • Bioequivalence and bio waiver studies.
  • In-vitro dissolution studies.
  • Stability Studies.
  • Analytical method development and validation.
  • Determination of sun protection factor SPF.
  • Awareness to lab-accreditation.

Herbal products

  • Cultivation of medicinal plants to provide high quality varieties.
  • Preparation of standardized herbal extracts.
  • Isolation of bioactive markers in a pure form.
  • Analytical method development and validation for herbal products.
  • Preparation of high quality fixed and volatile oils.

Dosage form Formulation

  • Quality by design approach for pre-formulation and formulation studies.
  • Synthesis of Nano-drug delivery systems.
  • Material surface characterization of nano-formulations.


  • Biosimilarity assessment.
  • Bioanalysis of biological samples from BE/BA and PK studies.
  • Bioanalytical method development and validation.
  • Design of Point-of-Care (Bio)sensors to monitor patient’s health and provide bedside care.

Microbiological testing

  • Sterility testing.
  • Pyrogen testing.
  • Food, water and beverages microbial analysis.
  • Microbial analysis of sterilized shredded waste.
  • Minimum Inhibitory and Bactericidal Concentrations.
  • Eye sensitivity assay for ocular formulation.

Molecular design and synthesis

  • Continuous monitoring of manufacturing process using spectroscopic techniques.
  • Chemical synthesis and isolation of complex organic compounds.
  • Green synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Experimental animals' services

  • Conduction of animal behavioral tests.
  • Live camera transmission for motion analysis software.
  • Housing of experimental animals and providing the associated services for animal testing.
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